Seas of Harn

The Finale

The King tells us to rest and we go to the ex-Earl’s villa. Is there anything we need? Has anyone ever been able to attune to the artifact.

The crew goes and sees a group of wizards in the Guild of Arcane Lore. We get down to the secret location and we see a Godstone. The king takes something out of his cloak and lays it on a pestle. The King chants and the Godstone changes and we see a guy. He starts talking to the King after a few minutes. Kaboran, Kaboran allied with Gargin and Ilvir, Hru, and Nola.

Sketin is with a group of Baradine who are attacking Kaboran, Ilviran mages, and a Devukin (ice dragon). Sketin looks like he also has an artifact which he got from the Ahnukin (other dragon).

What are ways to up Aura? And to not be obliterated by the artifact? What were the angel things in the world? What kind of artifacts were there? (a cube, bowl, rod)

Talk about letting the Navehians in on the plan?

Make Kaeva a vest of fake souls to help survive. Kaeva went through some shit. And she feels tired but electricfied. We go to test out to see if it works. It works..

We are going to set off to get the other 3 artifacts, with seven strangers. Kaeav calls a storm, and can retract it into the Storm Wand. We get to the place where we would submerge. We see a boat with no one on it. We start to go under water. We dock and there is a very magical mecha with Khale inside. Some of the Wardens are dead. Khale has a cube like the Storm Wand on his mecha chest.

Words exchanged, we check for the 3 artifacts, they’re gone, tiny crystal skull of the Navehians as a calling card, Khale gets pissy, and demands the Storm Wand. Fighting, and a decision.

Fire Wand, Fire Cube, Storm Cube and Heart Bowl.


We are heading back to Cherafir with the Earl, Jerop and 1 bodyguard. The Earl is charging the boat to get us there as fast as possible. As we start to pass Aleath, We see a 5 mast ship and Fawkins says they’re flying Cherizine colors (Larani mainland). They’ve got a full catapult on the front and ready to fire but haven’t yet.

Q&A: where are you coming from? Is Golitha secure? What are their numbers?

Fawkins says he can see a very large upside down ship. Tika casts a spell and goes pale. She says it’s the Big ass- Crab/spider Ivashu. Gerant flies off with Tika to communicate with the crab. The monsters shell looks ornamented and designed, eight legs on each side. It rolls on its back and a “human-face” is exposed and Gerant talks to it. He is The Deep One.

Stuff (to be filled in)

We get to Cherafir. King summons, Q&A. “Miraculous savings”. Golitha news. New Ilviran threat, Lucor (beast master), dragon masters, Kaboran deals, beastial magic. The king says he has been advised to charge us and the Earl’s company with treason.

- The King asks do you plan to keep your treasonous plans?
- My stance is on that we need to lift the restrictions to save the country.
- I plan not to do that.
- Seize the king!

Baradine all turn to seize the King. He says “you may sit”. Most of the Baradine sit, but only a few including Fendral are still moving towards him. Minstrel defends, the King does kingly magic and the Baradine all stop. The King strips the Earl of lands and title. He turns to Gerant and asks his position and the fate of his family. Eiland comes out of the tapestries and announces that the dangers should be known and let Gerant decide for themselves.

Ilvir is powerful and the rules are set to keep him controlled. Options: find all of the Earthmaster artifacts and return them to the other side.

The Quiet City

We at the keep and a minor alarm was sounded. Some guards said the last Thesbian ( the Snake) rannoft. He was made of oil or something.

We hear horses coming toward/into the castle. Earl says we should clear out.

Some of us get to the ship and the crew members say there is some crazy shit happening across the river. Gerant casts the night vision spell on Hawkins. He says there are monsters across the river, dog men or something. We park the Storm Bull at the “docks” and a Kanday guy asks us routine questions, Gerant gets pissy. He also asks if we know about the creatures across the river.

Earls says the Thardic big army went back to Tharda, and there has been no contact with Rethem, and those areas. Earl is loading is stuff onto the Storm Bull. When we set off, the Earl recharges the boat’s stuff.

As we start to exit the river, we see an Azariani warship. Sneaking is attempted, but we are seen. We use a charge, and speed off. We decide to use charges most of the trip to Golitha, to speed it up.

We get closer up West, and we see a bunch of ships (like 50). Hawkins sees zombies on all of the boats. Kaeva tries to shoot lightning, but really fails. Tika starts firing fireballs. There are about 3 ships that deflect the fireballs. Kaeva tries again and makes it destroying a ship. More attempts of deflecting Zombie magic while trying to destroy the ships.

We get to Golitha and it’s very (unusually) quiet. We see a longboat docked at the keep. We get closer, and see 3 figures coming this way: Jerop and two others with Morgath masks. The Earl asks if we have the box. We say yea… He says good, it will allow us to use the Storm Wand without it being in the boat.

We meet with Jerop. Jerop asks what’s happening south of the river. We answer. He tells us about the morgathian uprising.

Jerop says he’s gonna come with us. His second in command bows, kisses, and pulls his sword out. He defends the ship from zombies. Zombies are climbing up the sides of the SB. Gerant tries to push the boat. Indiana Jones awesomeness. Surviving the crash.

Earl says “you asked asked about the meeting with the Navahians?”. They said there has been a prophet emerged, who said they (everyone) needs to stop Morgath and Ilvir..

Harn Mystery 3000: Attack of the Thesbians!

We are with the Earl discussing what to do about the Thespian. We decide to investigate but not assassinate. Sticks knows what she looks like. We find out that people have been going to the theater to seek refuge from the siege.

We get to the theater. Gerant casts a invisibility spell on Farrick and Fendral uses his camo. They try to get to the back of the stage to find the chick. They think they see the mark. Signals are made. Fendral, Farrick, and Tika follow her up to her room. Fendral tries the dooor, but it has a metal mechanism to lock it. Fendral uses his special knife to cut and they bust in. They all of a sudden cannot move and are face to face with two people eating fish.

“Do you know these people Belyle?” "
“I think they are crew of the Storm Bull.”
“Isn’t that the King of Melderyn’s ship?”
“I guess not.”
“Are you here to kill Odella?”

Gerant senses through the armbands that Farrick and Fendral are in trouble. Odella keeps asking questions, Gerant casts the confusion spell through Farrick’s armband. It works, both Fendral and Farrick lunge in to attack the guy who is stunned. She casts a stunning spell. Her and the guy escape. Farrick sends out the call through the armband that “they got away”. A separate guy comes to the Thespians door with a wickedly long knife, looking to kill. The crew gets into action. Fendral misses horribly, and gets stabbed in his TM J (jaw).

More fighting, Farrick whip and yanks the guy. Guy pulls the knife out of Fendral’s jaw. Other Thespians are trying to stop Bolat and Gerant. After a battle, Bolat and Ingar stop the guy. Farrick and Gerant look for a blood trail. Bolat starts to help Fendral. Thesbians are asking questions, Ingar tries to crowd control.

Kaeva and Gaereth are around back looking for the escaped mark. The alleyway behind the theater is disgusting, Gaereth knocks on the door. When the door opens, it’s a man and a woman in traveling clothes. Kaeva before anything happens says (unfortunately) “The Earl of Nurisel requests the presence of Lady Odella”. They close the door immediately. Gaereth successfully sticks his foot in the way. but the door closes and brakes his foot at the ankle.

Gerant and Farrick are following the blood trail. Farrick hears the man and woman he knows about, he stops and draws his bow. The first body he saw, he shot at. The guy disappears in a flash. Gerant casts a counter-spell. Odella disapperas too. We get the fuck out of dodge!

We get to the keep and meet with the Earl. The Storm Bull is close to Aleath ready to sail. We ask what we should do. The Earl ways we probably should return to Cherafir. Gerant suggests we leave now, not in the morning.

The Plot Thickens: ED Demon, massive stash, and assassination attempt of the Earl

We are in the apartment. the apartment starts to change, Bolat thinks it’s Tika’s dispell. There is a cabinet of perfumes, a trapdoor that leads up, little changes. The perfumes are strong and probably laced with hallucinogenics. Love letters to a woman in Aleath, probably a master Thespian. Gaereath takes the 3 perfume bottles.

Fendral messes with something and the floor goes further down (elongating the room). There is a doorway and we discuss how to prepare for what might be past it. Gaereth tries to cast one of his rituals but is disconnected from Save Knor for a while. Fendral slows time and peaks around. A clink sound goes off and a chains unfasten from a spider demon thing. Runes fly away and dispensary from its bonds. Fendral attacks it and small spiders come forth.

Attacks made against the spider demon. All of the places that it was wounded squirts stuff and Gaereth gets hit in the face with the sticky stuff (attached to its limbs).

More attacks to the demon. It’s on fire. Ingar helps Gaereth breath. Bolat punches it to death, Fendral lobotomizes it.

There are a set of chains on the other side of the room from the original chains. They move and seem to be activating. Gaereth uses his knowledge from the abbey and figures the chains are doing something with extra-dimensional travel. We retreat. There is another hallway when Fendral turns the dial again. Fendral goes down the second hallway. Finds a room with tons of blue boxes (some old and new). There are hundreds of pounds of criminal substances: poisons (blade and food), drugs, and other paraphernalia. There is evidence of the guy we are tracking takes the boxes, holds them, and takes a piece of something from each/reads them/destroy them.

The mages take down the wards on the last door. Fendral scouts and the hallway leads to the docks. Fendral notices a broken blue box in the harbor, Gerant and Araulf go get it. They find a piece of fanacil leaves with a leather strap wrapping it. It has an address and a name (in Aleath).

The note was written by the Earl of N’s spymaster. Bells sound, Sticks says they are alarm bells. We get to the keep and there are Larani guards everywhere. They ask who we are, it is confirmed. We ask what happened and they say an assassin tried to kill the Earl of N. We see two bodies, Fendral and Farrick notice the bodies “didn’t even try to dodge” 4-5 guys in black hoods. The baradine make everyone leave, and Bolat heals the Earl. When he is healed, he says that they were attacked by mages. They had grey magic that negated the Earl’s magic. Current theories: they are working with grey mages, or have an Earthmaster artifact.

We follow up the lead with Kaeva and her pervometry with the note. We find a path to a room next to the sanctum. An old guy is “sleeping” at his desk. Bolat says he’s dead with a heart attack and Tika thinks this is the mind mage we’ve been looking for. He was writing a letter to the theater chick while he died.

We check the third door. Tika says there are two people in there. We get in but the two people ( a man and a woman) don’t respond or recognize presence. There is a truth spell on them. Gerant asks what questions were asked. They are a journeyman metal-smith and a clothier from Thay.

We told the Earl about the mind mage spy. Info is exchanged.
Earl pulling a Gandalf ride of hope

The kings guard survived and came to the Queen’s aid quickly. The city is still under siege. He recognizes Sticks, but he asks who we are. He also asks about any guesses to why they would attempt to kidnap the Queen.

Farrick asks if he can interrogate them. The Kings guard gets into an argument. Then finally all of the guards “turn away” and the kings guard watches Farrick. Farrick invades this guy’s mind. Farrick backs out before the guy dies, and asks the kings guard about the guy with the crazy facial hair. Farrick switches to a new guy and learns from him. Wizards and spells with an elite force. They elite troop is from Caranon.

We retreat to the Thardic citizen’s manor. There are two families squating, but Sticks kicks them out. Gaereth starts cooking for the crew. Farrick, Gerant, and Bolat discuss the boot from the elite troops.

The crew needs to discuss the situation at hand: should we trust the Earl of Nurisel now?

Bolat casts a spell on us and we sleep for 3 hours with no dreams, nothing. Gaereth makes a bitchin’ breakfast. There’s more fighting sounds coming from the outside than usual. As we are investigating, Gerant feels a spell successfully cast that is off his chart. And the Earl of Nurisel is in the lead of the remaining Melderyni troops. Gerant feels that there are heavy layers of magic hitting the Thardic troops. Thardic troops start scattering.

We serach for Jinlele in the tents. We find her but she looks tires, hurt (beaten). Kaeva searches for her stuff. The Thardic army is retreating. The Earl hails us to come to the keep that he has claimed (for a time).

He asks about the “troubles” and interesting things we encountered. Drawings were attempted. The princess is going with us. Sticks has a verbal message from Jerop. If we said we couldn’t do it because of the Melderyn King’s navy, he has a burn note that says:

SAV SV YLLOBEL (address in Aleath: blue box)

We send Thorgyle to retrieve the Storm Bull. Some of the crew is wanting to go to the address in Aleath. As they walk to there, plans are being devised. They enter the building, and make their way to the 2nd floor. The plan is to “go in hot”. Small room with another room. It looks to be a sanctum. The blue crate is at the foot of the bed. Tika says there’s probably not any “traps” in a guy’s sanctum. We open the box. it has clothes in it. Tika casts a spell and checks: there is a false bottom. There is Meleryni gold, straight up, and bank notes/statements. The Baradine noticed that the notes are probably written by the Earl of Nurisel. There is a heavily warded box, with grey wards, specifically neutral, that in the shape of the Storm Wand.

Lootin' and Riotin', Indiana Joan and the Horse of Mystery

Gerant casts a spell to reveal invisible things. He reveals writing but not the people who disappeared. Tika starts to cast a spell that will show what has transpired. Fendral hops over the wall to investigate. Tika’s spell goes off and we see smokey people moving backwards and they ran into a nearby house and “did” something on the ground.

We all climb over, Gaereth falls on a birdbath. Gerant smears the writing on the ground and we open a very nice glass door (over 5000 pents). we go in it’s an 8/10 darkness value in the house. We light a fire in a few of the lanterns, and it’s a very nice house. There are a few weapons and mostly armor on the ground scattered. Gerant spots that the servants clothes are all gone. Gaereth and Gerant scatters some left over acid on the armor and weapons. Thorgyle accesses the armband and stumbles upon a secret button and finds a doorway to another house.

Kaeva is in the tent with the prisoners. Guys come in to the tent and separate the prisoners. There is a dude with a crazy helmet. Kaeva rolls her eyes and stands up with the rest of the prisoners. Introductions and double checking of lists, Kaeeava and Jinlele aren’t on the lists. Guy grabs Kaeva to make her come with him, and jinlele assaults him. They run, Kaeva finds a horse, they get on (barely), Doghead guy comes out with a sharp sword. The horse fast, Jinlele is swinging a bastard sword then not on the horse anymore. Kaeva is galloping away and then after very Indiana Jones shit makes an epic get away, but falls off.

Kaeva hides in the bushes, a guy notices her and comes towards him. Kaeva defends herself. Fails a tiny bit, then an arrow goes through guy. A rope comes down from the wall. She gets ups safely but… left poor Jinlele behind. The Yoeman on the wall asks her questions. Yaenar helps Kaeva find the crew, hoping the jimmied door with Larani might. Yaenar asks for Ingar and he gives her to us.

Sticks tries to unlock the door and Bolat tells him to try again. We see boxes with Larani garb and surcoats. Fendral finds a big hole in the ground. And it looks like it leads closer into the town. We go into the tunnel trying to be sneaky. Araulf screams when he barely stubs his toe. Farrick fires a bow when the guy in the back of the line says something we don’t understand (it sounds continental). Gerant casts a slow spell as far as he can down the tunnel. The crew goes fast chasing after them. Gerant senses a special thing. Two things come rolling by the first crew’s feet. The “grenades” push everyone back and crush the way through. Bolat makes a new hole and we follow the path until we get to a fork. Bolat makes a Thardic trigger to collapse the tunnel if any Tharda people come from any direction. We get to a ladder and we are in the keep. We notice a bunch of guys dressed like the guys in the tunnel.

Gerant finds a constable and his superior to inform them of the situation. We follow the tracks to the guard house, Farrick talks to the guards. Fighting can be heard. it looks like king’s guard versus larani soldiers. Ingar tries to inform the king’s guard that this is a ploy to get to the king. Two guys look around and start to leave. some of the group follows those two to investigate. We get to a locked door. It get busted down by might and magic. We see the male champion knife fighting with a special king’s guard as fast as the Baradine move in slowed time. We notice another door, it is the Queen’s chamber and she’s gone. There is a rope hanging from the window still swinging. Thorgyle jumps out of the window. The Female Champion slides down the rope and drops the the queen. She moves towards Thorgyle with two swords. Thorgyle tries to grapple her. He fails, she cuts him in the stomach. Fendral’s sling bullet hits her in the calf, and she looks over at Gerant. gerant casts his Cone of Cold at the female champion. She recognizes his spell and disappears (like the Baradine). As that happens the male champion disappears as well. The Queen is safe but a little hurt.

The Siege of Aleath: Continuation

Farrick, Fendral, and Gaereth make haste to the guild of Arcane Lore. Thorgyle and Araulf deal with incoming ladders. New kinds of fighting ensues. The Arcane Lore group takes the short quick way through the alleyways. Fendral, Farrick, Gaereth, and the new guy Sticks get to the Alchemist’s shop, but it’s locked and no one’s home.

Kaeva gets to a special tent where there might be a doctor or a torturer. A guy comes out and says, she doesn’t need to be amputated. She responds with Duh, I know. She gets put aside near the other women, including Jinlele. They talk briefly and Kaeva tries to untie Jinlele but gets stopped. She sends the call to the armbands.

Thorgyle is fighting and gets hit in the foot. Fendral is walking around the Alchemist’s shop, and Gaereth sees there are snakes on the ground. Fendral spots time and tries to pt the snakes back in a box. Gaereth searches for more materials. Gaereth finds some material that can be used for an anti-acid and something in a potion that will help at the beginning.

The breach at the temple of Save K’Nor has quieted down. The Larani knight is in place to defend. But there is commotion to the right. Most of the defenders change to the North. there is fighting in the streets and the two champions are at this new breach.

Gaereth whips up some anti-acid paste, and tries to rub it on as painlessly as possible. He succeeds. Farrick is feeling much better, but sees Fendral has cloudy eyes and can’t see very well. Gaereth searches for a special plant to help with eyes and finds some. He leaves all the money he has on him on the counter.

Araulf and Thorgyle go berserk and fight their hearts out. The Arcane Lore group gets back to the fighting, and Ingar tells Fendral and Farrick to go get a secret guy who slipped out off a ways. The offensive force surrendered. As the crew investigates the weird place with secret people, Thorgyle sees 25 guys and the two champions getting ready for something. But they are not exactly ready.

Plan is being devised.

The Siege of Aleath


Horses start coming down the hill, and other forces gather.


We discover incestuous relationship between Ingar and Kaeva.
We are to run to the gate. We get to the village and it’s dark and barren. We try to see things. Some we not as successful. We try to be sneaky, some were not so successful.

We get to the gate. Gerant comes out and addresses himself. The gates guards don’t believe him. Ingar announces himself and a knight who knows of the Storm Bull comes to identify. We are informed of what’s been going on. The knight says the wall of the Save K’Nor temple exploded. We go to investigate to Save K’Nor temple. As we go to that place a group of 15 guys with mini-bats stop us and question us.

We get to the temple and there is a V shaped hole in the wall with soldiers fighting through it with shields, spears, and arrows. Gaereth casts a ritual to see the secrets, and sees a bunch of identity secrets along with Save K’Nor puzzles, however the V hole has fire on the outside not the inside ( the rumor is the explosion came from inside the temple). The crew up front start to attack on coming enemies supporting the Checkered Shield Knight. Farrick fires a pock shot at some guys. Throgyle thinks he’s berserk and goes for awesome maneuvers, but he actually wasn’t. Bolat still needs to get down to the ramp to touch it. Gaereth makes his way up the scaffolding. Gerant casts a confusion spell because there looks to be organizing of a staged area. Farrick slows time to help Thorgyle and sees two commanders who aren’t going slow enough, he gives them the finger and keep running.

We see a line of 6 guys on the ramp, and the two commanders start running down the ramp also. right as they start to make it closer, the ramp goes away. Farrick shoots a few arrows at the commanders, but the girl one blocks both. She tosses something up in the air, it explodes and gets all over Farrick. Gaereth advices what he should do and if he has the stuff to help. He doesn’t and the best place is in the alchemists of Aleath. and we only have 20 minutes.

Harnic Justice League: Crab-Spider, Earl of Mystery, & the Cracked out Body Guards

Tika asks Gerant if they should leave a mark for the Enemy troops. Tika actually set fire to the tree line (so they can’t use it), and the group bails. They make it back to the ship safely. We leave Aleath in the morning, we see the floating pods again. Gerant uses his seamonsteromentry to see what it is. He senses it’s Ivashu. Everyone is ooking overboard wondering what to do and Fendral sees a dark mass under the water. After waiting a few moments someone sees another dark mass. Some of the crew take the little boat out and lets Aroulf out to investigate. Aroulf says it looks like a boat being wrapped up under water. Gerant goes under to investigate further. It’s pretty bad. He comes up, and we sail away.

We’re off the coast of the continent. We see a ship with 30 Baradine. We get to Cherafir. We start loading soldiers. Gerant goes to see the Earl of Nurisel. The Earl is now in charge of ground forces in Kanday. Gerant tells him about the sea monster, he says it might be Eislan’s sister.

A Baradine captain tells Fendral and Farrick that they will be personal body guards of the Earl and have special armaments. Gerant and Gaereth go to find a special potion from the Ilvirians.

Farrick and Fendral get the special mail armor. They put it on and they feel everything. They can sense Piety, magic, skills, and important sensory markers for guarding the Earl.

The Earl comes on the ship and casts a spell on Kaeva. He says he wants to be in Aleath today. We get to the Sea monster in 9 hours. Kaeva senses that the “monster” is not there, but the web still is there. We leave. Fendral is being taunted the musicians.

We get to the mouth of the river. Earl gives something to Tika, she flies off. She comes back in about 10 minutes, and says the siege is at the wall. The enemy is somewhat reinforced, but also our troops.

The Earl says he’s going to the troops with his guards and the mages. They get to a hill nearby and the Earl starts to explain the battle plan: with the cover of night, sweep and clear a path to the gate. It sounds like using magic and power.


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