Seas of Harn

Earl pulling a Gandalf ride of hope

The kings guard survived and came to the Queen’s aid quickly. The city is still under siege. He recognizes Sticks, but he asks who we are. He also asks about any guesses to why they would attempt to kidnap the Queen.

Farrick asks if he can interrogate them. The Kings guard gets into an argument. Then finally all of the guards “turn away” and the kings guard watches Farrick. Farrick invades this guy’s mind. Farrick backs out before the guy dies, and asks the kings guard about the guy with the crazy facial hair. Farrick switches to a new guy and learns from him. Wizards and spells with an elite force. They elite troop is from Caranon.

We retreat to the Thardic citizen’s manor. There are two families squating, but Sticks kicks them out. Gaereth starts cooking for the crew. Farrick, Gerant, and Bolat discuss the boot from the elite troops.

The crew needs to discuss the situation at hand: should we trust the Earl of Nurisel now?

Bolat casts a spell on us and we sleep for 3 hours with no dreams, nothing. Gaereth makes a bitchin’ breakfast. There’s more fighting sounds coming from the outside than usual. As we are investigating, Gerant feels a spell successfully cast that is off his chart. And the Earl of Nurisel is in the lead of the remaining Melderyni troops. Gerant feels that there are heavy layers of magic hitting the Thardic troops. Thardic troops start scattering.

We serach for Jinlele in the tents. We find her but she looks tires, hurt (beaten). Kaeva searches for her stuff. The Thardic army is retreating. The Earl hails us to come to the keep that he has claimed (for a time).

He asks about the “troubles” and interesting things we encountered. Drawings were attempted. The princess is going with us. Sticks has a verbal message from Jerop. If we said we couldn’t do it because of the Melderyn King’s navy, he has a burn note that says:

SAV SV YLLOBEL (address in Aleath: blue box)

We send Thorgyle to retrieve the Storm Bull. Some of the crew is wanting to go to the address in Aleath. As they walk to there, plans are being devised. They enter the building, and make their way to the 2nd floor. The plan is to “go in hot”. Small room with another room. It looks to be a sanctum. The blue crate is at the foot of the bed. Tika says there’s probably not any “traps” in a guy’s sanctum. We open the box. it has clothes in it. Tika casts a spell and checks: there is a false bottom. There is Meleryni gold, straight up, and bank notes/statements. The Baradine noticed that the notes are probably written by the Earl of Nurisel. There is a heavily warded box, with grey wards, specifically neutral, that in the shape of the Storm Wand.


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