Seas of Harn

The Plot Thickens: ED Demon, massive stash, and assassination attempt of the Earl

We are in the apartment. the apartment starts to change, Bolat thinks it’s Tika’s dispell. There is a cabinet of perfumes, a trapdoor that leads up, little changes. The perfumes are strong and probably laced with hallucinogenics. Love letters to a woman in Aleath, probably a master Thespian. Gaereath takes the 3 perfume bottles.

Fendral messes with something and the floor goes further down (elongating the room). There is a doorway and we discuss how to prepare for what might be past it. Gaereth tries to cast one of his rituals but is disconnected from Save Knor for a while. Fendral slows time and peaks around. A clink sound goes off and a chains unfasten from a spider demon thing. Runes fly away and dispensary from its bonds. Fendral attacks it and small spiders come forth.

Attacks made against the spider demon. All of the places that it was wounded squirts stuff and Gaereth gets hit in the face with the sticky stuff (attached to its limbs).

More attacks to the demon. It’s on fire. Ingar helps Gaereth breath. Bolat punches it to death, Fendral lobotomizes it.

There are a set of chains on the other side of the room from the original chains. They move and seem to be activating. Gaereth uses his knowledge from the abbey and figures the chains are doing something with extra-dimensional travel. We retreat. There is another hallway when Fendral turns the dial again. Fendral goes down the second hallway. Finds a room with tons of blue boxes (some old and new). There are hundreds of pounds of criminal substances: poisons (blade and food), drugs, and other paraphernalia. There is evidence of the guy we are tracking takes the boxes, holds them, and takes a piece of something from each/reads them/destroy them.

The mages take down the wards on the last door. Fendral scouts and the hallway leads to the docks. Fendral notices a broken blue box in the harbor, Gerant and Araulf go get it. They find a piece of fanacil leaves with a leather strap wrapping it. It has an address and a name (in Aleath).

The note was written by the Earl of N’s spymaster. Bells sound, Sticks says they are alarm bells. We get to the keep and there are Larani guards everywhere. They ask who we are, it is confirmed. We ask what happened and they say an assassin tried to kill the Earl of N. We see two bodies, Fendral and Farrick notice the bodies “didn’t even try to dodge” 4-5 guys in black hoods. The baradine make everyone leave, and Bolat heals the Earl. When he is healed, he says that they were attacked by mages. They had grey magic that negated the Earl’s magic. Current theories: they are working with grey mages, or have an Earthmaster artifact.

We follow up the lead with Kaeva and her pervometry with the note. We find a path to a room next to the sanctum. An old guy is “sleeping” at his desk. Bolat says he’s dead with a heart attack and Tika thinks this is the mind mage we’ve been looking for. He was writing a letter to the theater chick while he died.

We check the third door. Tika says there are two people in there. We get in but the two people ( a man and a woman) don’t respond or recognize presence. There is a truth spell on them. Gerant asks what questions were asked. They are a journeyman metal-smith and a clothier from Thay.

We told the Earl about the mind mage spy. Info is exchanged.


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