Seas of Harn


We are heading back to Cherafir with the Earl, Jerop and 1 bodyguard. The Earl is charging the boat to get us there as fast as possible. As we start to pass Aleath, We see a 5 mast ship and Fawkins says they’re flying Cherizine colors (Larani mainland). They’ve got a full catapult on the front and ready to fire but haven’t yet.

Q&A: where are you coming from? Is Golitha secure? What are their numbers?

Fawkins says he can see a very large upside down ship. Tika casts a spell and goes pale. She says it’s the Big ass- Crab/spider Ivashu. Gerant flies off with Tika to communicate with the crab. The monsters shell looks ornamented and designed, eight legs on each side. It rolls on its back and a “human-face” is exposed and Gerant talks to it. He is The Deep One.

Stuff (to be filled in)

We get to Cherafir. King summons, Q&A. “Miraculous savings”. Golitha news. New Ilviran threat, Lucor (beast master), dragon masters, Kaboran deals, beastial magic. The king says he has been advised to charge us and the Earl’s company with treason.

- The King asks do you plan to keep your treasonous plans?
- My stance is on that we need to lift the restrictions to save the country.
- I plan not to do that.
- Seize the king!

Baradine all turn to seize the King. He says “you may sit”. Most of the Baradine sit, but only a few including Fendral are still moving towards him. Minstrel defends, the King does kingly magic and the Baradine all stop. The King strips the Earl of lands and title. He turns to Gerant and asks his position and the fate of his family. Eiland comes out of the tapestries and announces that the dangers should be known and let Gerant decide for themselves.

Ilvir is powerful and the rules are set to keep him controlled. Options: find all of the Earthmaster artifacts and return them to the other side.


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