Seas of Harn

Harn Mystery 3000: Attack of the Thesbians!

We are with the Earl discussing what to do about the Thespian. We decide to investigate but not assassinate. Sticks knows what she looks like. We find out that people have been going to the theater to seek refuge from the siege.

We get to the theater. Gerant casts a invisibility spell on Farrick and Fendral uses his camo. They try to get to the back of the stage to find the chick. They think they see the mark. Signals are made. Fendral, Farrick, and Tika follow her up to her room. Fendral tries the dooor, but it has a metal mechanism to lock it. Fendral uses his special knife to cut and they bust in. They all of a sudden cannot move and are face to face with two people eating fish.

“Do you know these people Belyle?” "
“I think they are crew of the Storm Bull.”
“Isn’t that the King of Melderyn’s ship?”
“I guess not.”
“Are you here to kill Odella?”

Gerant senses through the armbands that Farrick and Fendral are in trouble. Odella keeps asking questions, Gerant casts the confusion spell through Farrick’s armband. It works, both Fendral and Farrick lunge in to attack the guy who is stunned. She casts a stunning spell. Her and the guy escape. Farrick sends out the call through the armband that “they got away”. A separate guy comes to the Thespians door with a wickedly long knife, looking to kill. The crew gets into action. Fendral misses horribly, and gets stabbed in his TM J (jaw).

More fighting, Farrick whip and yanks the guy. Guy pulls the knife out of Fendral’s jaw. Other Thespians are trying to stop Bolat and Gerant. After a battle, Bolat and Ingar stop the guy. Farrick and Gerant look for a blood trail. Bolat starts to help Fendral. Thesbians are asking questions, Ingar tries to crowd control.

Kaeva and Gaereth are around back looking for the escaped mark. The alleyway behind the theater is disgusting, Gaereth knocks on the door. When the door opens, it’s a man and a woman in traveling clothes. Kaeva before anything happens says (unfortunately) “The Earl of Nurisel requests the presence of Lady Odella”. They close the door immediately. Gaereth successfully sticks his foot in the way. but the door closes and brakes his foot at the ankle.

Gerant and Farrick are following the blood trail. Farrick hears the man and woman he knows about, he stops and draws his bow. The first body he saw, he shot at. The guy disappears in a flash. Gerant casts a counter-spell. Odella disapperas too. We get the fuck out of dodge!

We get to the keep and meet with the Earl. The Storm Bull is close to Aleath ready to sail. We ask what we should do. The Earl ways we probably should return to Cherafir. Gerant suggests we leave now, not in the morning.


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