Seas of Harn

Harnic Justice League: Crab-Spider, Earl of Mystery, & the Cracked out Body Guards

Tika asks Gerant if they should leave a mark for the Enemy troops. Tika actually set fire to the tree line (so they can’t use it), and the group bails. They make it back to the ship safely. We leave Aleath in the morning, we see the floating pods again. Gerant uses his seamonsteromentry to see what it is. He senses it’s Ivashu. Everyone is ooking overboard wondering what to do and Fendral sees a dark mass under the water. After waiting a few moments someone sees another dark mass. Some of the crew take the little boat out and lets Aroulf out to investigate. Aroulf says it looks like a boat being wrapped up under water. Gerant goes under to investigate further. It’s pretty bad. He comes up, and we sail away.

We’re off the coast of the continent. We see a ship with 30 Baradine. We get to Cherafir. We start loading soldiers. Gerant goes to see the Earl of Nurisel. The Earl is now in charge of ground forces in Kanday. Gerant tells him about the sea monster, he says it might be Eislan’s sister.

A Baradine captain tells Fendral and Farrick that they will be personal body guards of the Earl and have special armaments. Gerant and Gaereth go to find a special potion from the Ilvirians.

Farrick and Fendral get the special mail armor. They put it on and they feel everything. They can sense Piety, magic, skills, and important sensory markers for guarding the Earl.

The Earl comes on the ship and casts a spell on Kaeva. He says he wants to be in Aleath today. We get to the Sea monster in 9 hours. Kaeva senses that the “monster” is not there, but the web still is there. We leave. Fendral is being taunted the musicians.

We get to the mouth of the river. Earl gives something to Tika, she flies off. She comes back in about 10 minutes, and says the siege is at the wall. The enemy is somewhat reinforced, but also our troops.

The Earl says he’s going to the troops with his guards and the mages. They get to a hill nearby and the Earl starts to explain the battle plan: with the cover of night, sweep and clear a path to the gate. It sounds like using magic and power.


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