Seas of Harn

Lootin' and Riotin', Indiana Joan and the Horse of Mystery

Gerant casts a spell to reveal invisible things. He reveals writing but not the people who disappeared. Tika starts to cast a spell that will show what has transpired. Fendral hops over the wall to investigate. Tika’s spell goes off and we see smokey people moving backwards and they ran into a nearby house and “did” something on the ground.

We all climb over, Gaereth falls on a birdbath. Gerant smears the writing on the ground and we open a very nice glass door (over 5000 pents). we go in it’s an 8/10 darkness value in the house. We light a fire in a few of the lanterns, and it’s a very nice house. There are a few weapons and mostly armor on the ground scattered. Gerant spots that the servants clothes are all gone. Gaereth and Gerant scatters some left over acid on the armor and weapons. Thorgyle accesses the armband and stumbles upon a secret button and finds a doorway to another house.

Kaeva is in the tent with the prisoners. Guys come in to the tent and separate the prisoners. There is a dude with a crazy helmet. Kaeva rolls her eyes and stands up with the rest of the prisoners. Introductions and double checking of lists, Kaeeava and Jinlele aren’t on the lists. Guy grabs Kaeva to make her come with him, and jinlele assaults him. They run, Kaeva finds a horse, they get on (barely), Doghead guy comes out with a sharp sword. The horse fast, Jinlele is swinging a bastard sword then not on the horse anymore. Kaeva is galloping away and then after very Indiana Jones shit makes an epic get away, but falls off.

Kaeva hides in the bushes, a guy notices her and comes towards him. Kaeva defends herself. Fails a tiny bit, then an arrow goes through guy. A rope comes down from the wall. She gets ups safely but… left poor Jinlele behind. The Yoeman on the wall asks her questions. Yaenar helps Kaeva find the crew, hoping the jimmied door with Larani might. Yaenar asks for Ingar and he gives her to us.

Sticks tries to unlock the door and Bolat tells him to try again. We see boxes with Larani garb and surcoats. Fendral finds a big hole in the ground. And it looks like it leads closer into the town. We go into the tunnel trying to be sneaky. Araulf screams when he barely stubs his toe. Farrick fires a bow when the guy in the back of the line says something we don’t understand (it sounds continental). Gerant casts a slow spell as far as he can down the tunnel. The crew goes fast chasing after them. Gerant senses a special thing. Two things come rolling by the first crew’s feet. The “grenades” push everyone back and crush the way through. Bolat makes a new hole and we follow the path until we get to a fork. Bolat makes a Thardic trigger to collapse the tunnel if any Tharda people come from any direction. We get to a ladder and we are in the keep. We notice a bunch of guys dressed like the guys in the tunnel.

Gerant finds a constable and his superior to inform them of the situation. We follow the tracks to the guard house, Farrick talks to the guards. Fighting can be heard. it looks like king’s guard versus larani soldiers. Ingar tries to inform the king’s guard that this is a ploy to get to the king. Two guys look around and start to leave. some of the group follows those two to investigate. We get to a locked door. It get busted down by might and magic. We see the male champion knife fighting with a special king’s guard as fast as the Baradine move in slowed time. We notice another door, it is the Queen’s chamber and she’s gone. There is a rope hanging from the window still swinging. Thorgyle jumps out of the window. The Female Champion slides down the rope and drops the the queen. She moves towards Thorgyle with two swords. Thorgyle tries to grapple her. He fails, she cuts him in the stomach. Fendral’s sling bullet hits her in the calf, and she looks over at Gerant. gerant casts his Cone of Cold at the female champion. She recognizes his spell and disappears (like the Baradine). As that happens the male champion disappears as well. The Queen is safe but a little hurt.


tannercritz GMania

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