Seas of Harn

The Quiet City

We at the keep and a minor alarm was sounded. Some guards said the last Thesbian ( the Snake) rannoft. He was made of oil or something.

We hear horses coming toward/into the castle. Earl says we should clear out.

Some of us get to the ship and the crew members say there is some crazy shit happening across the river. Gerant casts the night vision spell on Hawkins. He says there are monsters across the river, dog men or something. We park the Storm Bull at the “docks” and a Kanday guy asks us routine questions, Gerant gets pissy. He also asks if we know about the creatures across the river.

Earls says the Thardic big army went back to Tharda, and there has been no contact with Rethem, and those areas. Earl is loading is stuff onto the Storm Bull. When we set off, the Earl recharges the boat’s stuff.

As we start to exit the river, we see an Azariani warship. Sneaking is attempted, but we are seen. We use a charge, and speed off. We decide to use charges most of the trip to Golitha, to speed it up.

We get closer up West, and we see a bunch of ships (like 50). Hawkins sees zombies on all of the boats. Kaeva tries to shoot lightning, but really fails. Tika starts firing fireballs. There are about 3 ships that deflect the fireballs. Kaeva tries again and makes it destroying a ship. More attempts of deflecting Zombie magic while trying to destroy the ships.

We get to Golitha and it’s very (unusually) quiet. We see a longboat docked at the keep. We get closer, and see 3 figures coming this way: Jerop and two others with Morgath masks. The Earl asks if we have the box. We say yea… He says good, it will allow us to use the Storm Wand without it being in the boat.

We meet with Jerop. Jerop asks what’s happening south of the river. We answer. He tells us about the morgathian uprising.

Jerop says he’s gonna come with us. His second in command bows, kisses, and pulls his sword out. He defends the ship from zombies. Zombies are climbing up the sides of the SB. Gerant tries to push the boat. Indiana Jones awesomeness. Surviving the crash.

Earl says “you asked asked about the meeting with the Navahians?”. They said there has been a prophet emerged, who said they (everyone) needs to stop Morgath and Ilvir..


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