Seas of Harn

The Siege of Aleath


Horses start coming down the hill, and other forces gather.


We discover incestuous relationship between Ingar and Kaeva.
We are to run to the gate. We get to the village and it’s dark and barren. We try to see things. Some we not as successful. We try to be sneaky, some were not so successful.

We get to the gate. Gerant comes out and addresses himself. The gates guards don’t believe him. Ingar announces himself and a knight who knows of the Storm Bull comes to identify. We are informed of what’s been going on. The knight says the wall of the Save K’Nor temple exploded. We go to investigate to Save K’Nor temple. As we go to that place a group of 15 guys with mini-bats stop us and question us.

We get to the temple and there is a V shaped hole in the wall with soldiers fighting through it with shields, spears, and arrows. Gaereth casts a ritual to see the secrets, and sees a bunch of identity secrets along with Save K’Nor puzzles, however the V hole has fire on the outside not the inside ( the rumor is the explosion came from inside the temple). The crew up front start to attack on coming enemies supporting the Checkered Shield Knight. Farrick fires a pock shot at some guys. Throgyle thinks he’s berserk and goes for awesome maneuvers, but he actually wasn’t. Bolat still needs to get down to the ramp to touch it. Gaereth makes his way up the scaffolding. Gerant casts a confusion spell because there looks to be organizing of a staged area. Farrick slows time to help Thorgyle and sees two commanders who aren’t going slow enough, he gives them the finger and keep running.

We see a line of 6 guys on the ramp, and the two commanders start running down the ramp also. right as they start to make it closer, the ramp goes away. Farrick shoots a few arrows at the commanders, but the girl one blocks both. She tosses something up in the air, it explodes and gets all over Farrick. Gaereth advices what he should do and if he has the stuff to help. He doesn’t and the best place is in the alchemists of Aleath. and we only have 20 minutes.


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