Seas of Harn

The Siege of Aleath: Continuation

Farrick, Fendral, and Gaereth make haste to the guild of Arcane Lore. Thorgyle and Araulf deal with incoming ladders. New kinds of fighting ensues. The Arcane Lore group takes the short quick way through the alleyways. Fendral, Farrick, Gaereth, and the new guy Sticks get to the Alchemist’s shop, but it’s locked and no one’s home.

Kaeva gets to a special tent where there might be a doctor or a torturer. A guy comes out and says, she doesn’t need to be amputated. She responds with Duh, I know. She gets put aside near the other women, including Jinlele. They talk briefly and Kaeva tries to untie Jinlele but gets stopped. She sends the call to the armbands.

Thorgyle is fighting and gets hit in the foot. Fendral is walking around the Alchemist’s shop, and Gaereth sees there are snakes on the ground. Fendral spots time and tries to pt the snakes back in a box. Gaereth searches for more materials. Gaereth finds some material that can be used for an anti-acid and something in a potion that will help at the beginning.

The breach at the temple of Save K’Nor has quieted down. The Larani knight is in place to defend. But there is commotion to the right. Most of the defenders change to the North. there is fighting in the streets and the two champions are at this new breach.

Gaereth whips up some anti-acid paste, and tries to rub it on as painlessly as possible. He succeeds. Farrick is feeling much better, but sees Fendral has cloudy eyes and can’t see very well. Gaereth searches for a special plant to help with eyes and finds some. He leaves all the money he has on him on the counter.

Araulf and Thorgyle go berserk and fight their hearts out. The Arcane Lore group gets back to the fighting, and Ingar tells Fendral and Farrick to go get a secret guy who slipped out off a ways. The offensive force surrendered. As the crew investigates the weird place with secret people, Thorgyle sees 25 guys and the two champions getting ready for something. But they are not exactly ready.

Plan is being devised.


tannercritz GMania

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