8 Magical Armbands of the Storm Bull


The Faithful

Increased Oratory +15
Crits on 0,5,7 (add 7s to list)
Increased healing rate
3d6 vs Aura; Morality Roll to truly believe, protection from blasphemy from other religions

The Soul

Increased Awareness +15
Increased Hearing +2
Know where anyone wearing an armband is located, as long as Finder is worn.
Protect anyone armband, as long as Faithful is worn. (3d6 vs Aura to block magical attack)
Damage anyone armband, as long as Hunter is worn.
Personal: 3d6 vs Will to resist spell interruption.
Can cast through another armband: Aura and INT check from armband wearer.

The Hunter

+15 Attack & Att Max.
Healing roll everyday

The Finder

3D6 vs Aura(9) to stumble into important places
+15 Dodge
+15 Awareness
Heal everyday

The Keeper

The Leader

+15 Rhetoric
+15 Oratory
Heal everyday
3d6 vs Aura to aug crew

The Scholar




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