Seas of Harn

Battle of the Network Stars, Hippie Peoni Newborns, Harnic Galadriel's Gifts

The group reforms the lines after the clash with the undead. We have 8 Orbaliese, 12 Kaborans, and us. Kaeva uses her pervometry and the network of the armband network to focus and shutdown the undeads’ network. Only 3 of the 7 armband wearers succeed in focusing into the network. But Kaeva succeeds on collecting the network and psychicly attack the undead network. As Kaeva connects us to the network we all are fighting, in any way possible, as 7 vs. 7…Battle of the Network Stars.

First volley of network battle, almost everyone succeeds. The second volley again almost everyone succeeds. Aroulf rallies the troops to charge forward and attack. Androl’s head casts a spell and Gerant tries to counter but one level still makes it through. Everyone of the armband wearers takes fire damage to somewhere relative to their conflict. More conlficts between each of the armband wearers and the undead sergeants. Kaeva uses some of her Piety to attempt to sever the undead sergeants from Morgath himself. As the troops are fighting everyone sees and feels the spirits fight, then disappear. All of the undead drop to the ground, they looks as if they had been residing there for hundreds of years. Everyone’s wounds are old scars, the fallen Orbaliese and Kaborans are mysteriously there dressed as Peonian priests and confused as to why they are here.

The Kaboran shaman and some warriors scout around and drop. They say the Undead summoned.. the Dark Elves. Dark Elves are elves who feel mankind should be removed from Harn. The troop of Dark Elves retreat, but moments later a few White elf warriors are coming this way.

Ingar greets the incoming White Elves in harnic, introducing himself. The only elf out of 4 who knows Harnic, greets the Kaboran War leader. Then turns his attention to Ingar.
(I) “What are you doing here.”
(E) “We came when we felt the … transcendence, I guess you would call it.”
(I) Cool, man..
(E) Are you who did this?
(I) Did what? Peoni did it.
(E) Who did this slaughter.
(Ar) I did that!
(E) Peoni certainly cleansed this place.
(E) There is a family in ZaZa, who have a powerful Peoni relic that would aid you. The Gilgood family.
(E) We fought off the Dark Elves, after they were called.
(E) Have you heard of the Dragon Hunter… (the Kaboran looked panicked)
(K) Where is he!?
(E) We don’t know.
(Us) thinking It might be the Baradine Captain with the crazy weapon.
(E) All the Elves know is that the Hunter killed it and took its heart.

Fendral asks the Elves if they can help with his eyes. A young Elf pricks her finger and bleeds in Fendral’s eyes, she says when the scabs fall off, you will be healed. Fendral is blind… Farrick gets a far worse treatment and is in pain.

A dark elf free trip to Tormau, we get back. Aroulf tells a great ballad of the Morgathian Slaughter. Minstrels begin writing songs of our glory. The Earl of Tormau asks us to name our price (now or when he becomes king of Rethem).Gerant asks Moroda about the significance of the Morgathian secrecy and plans at this juncture in time.

Gerant asks if the human we killed at the barrow is the crazy soul-dealing morgathian that we met in Golitha.

After the healing and questioning is over. Kaeva and few others go back to the barrow to investigate the barrow. Farrick asks around about Peoni thinking he may join since she healed him. Gerant asks the elf girl about the glass item he wants. She says there are presents for us. 12 Deer horn knives, forged from Dream that can hurt the undead and necklaces that prevent possession.

Gerant sees the elf who can sing to water. He gets a bad-ass magic item.

The Rethemiville Horror: Possession, Slaughter, and the Sarajin Defense

The 30 Undead troops are moments away, while the rest of the undead footmen from the hill are coming this way. The Kaborians a summoning spirits and the Orbaliese are praying their asses off.

Aroulf prays to Sarajjin to enrage all of the Orbaliese and Saraji around him. Gareath uses his medium power to commune with the spirits to assess the situation/ do something cool. Fendral attacks one of the undead but gets counterstriked in the stomach. Thorgyle near cuts off the arm of one and when the Beuda Blade sticks into the ground the ground crystalizes the grass into black glass.

Aroulf prays hard to Sarajin himself. Lightning strikes the center of the Orbaliese and they all rush forward. Garaeth fails his attempt to tell the undead to stop. Ingar rallies the Kaborians to be awesome, and win! Gerant uses a spell and some of the earth around the undead moves, making a few waist deep in the ground. Fendral stabs in the groin of one of the undead. Kaeva gets hit in the chest by a mace. Thorgyle counterstrikes an undead in the neck and the taint evaporates away because of the divineness. Aroulf counterstrikes an undead who hit him in the hip with a strike to the shoulder. Thorgyle charges for the hill. Ingar attacks the undead, who is grappling with Gerant, in the hip. Gerant uses his magical bracer to stab the undead in the head. Kaeva wakes up, startled.

Garaeth fails his mental conflict and gets possessed. Aroulf wrenches the spirit from one of the upper undead. The Kaboran Shaman jumps in etched a cross on Garaeth’s chest and sucks out the spirit. Gerant uses his earth spell and captures a few of the undead in the ground. Kaeva attempts to use her pervometry but is distracted by her chest wound.

The big guy on the horse shouts something, and black wave forms and goes right for the group of Sarajini. The wave of the Morgthian stuff comes down to Aroulf who is resisting based on his Piety. It looks like the Sarajini are going mad, turning into Morgathian, etc (big “C” chaos). Aroulf uses two years of Piety to give the Sarajini a fighting chance. Fendral uses his slow time ability to get to the Big Horse. As he gets there the dwarf is active at his increased speed. Fendral attacks the dwarf who looks like he’s trying to jump on him. The dwarf smashes something near Fendral and the thing in the dwarf’s hand explode: striping the armor and tearing the skin from his body. Farrick uses his slow time ability to help Fendral. He saw the dwarf smear black stuff on his diamond around his neck, giggling.

Farrick stabs the dwarf in the abdomen. The dwarf grabs onto his arms/knife and the diamond explodes. The dwarf’s face comes peeling off and Farrick sees in slow motion shrapnel coming right for him. Farrick attempts to pull the dwarf into the shrapnel before it hits him. Fendral jumps in front of Farrick with his shield to protect from the shrapnel. The shield is destroyed but they are clear. Farrickand Fendral tag team the big guy. Farrick hamstrings the horse and Fendral goes after the big guy’s head region. Farrick was successful. Fendral strikes his neck, cutting through all the metal like butter, getting through 60% of his neck. They both get out of doge before their time runs out. Farrick returns farily unharmed and Fendral comes back with less eyesight.

As the fighting is still going on the big guy’s horse topples over and his head rolls around. The divine evil wave blows back like it’s powerless. So far 15 Orbaliese are left, and Gerant comes up to Aroulf touches his shoulder and says " Your immune to the black stuff. Go.". Gerant also touches 8 other Sarajini. Kaeva uses her pervometry and senses how many main points are in the undead’s network. She distracts one of the main undead. Thorgyle attempts to regain his berserk, but isn’t jazzed up enough. Thorgyle attacks another undead in the chest. garaeth uses a spell and discovers that one of the upper undead is hacking Androl’s head completely off. Garaeth tells Gerant. Aroulf attacks undead to get to Androl. The upper undead has completely cut off Androl’s head and the head is barking orders. Gerant fires a spell at the big horse making it buckle, the head still giving orders.

Garaeth uses his mental bolt ability to Androl’s head, and thinks it was a hit. Farrick slows time down again as he does, the head and the horse start to catch aflame. Gerant puts a spell to trap the head magically. Farrick attempts to grab the head and throw it to Aroulf. Farrick grabs the head and the heads moans “yes…”.

Fendral see Farrick disappear and Orbaliese start getting eviscerated. Fendral slows time and knocks out Farrick. Fendral is find but Farrick gets gout…

The Cheery Dwarf and the Mighty Morphing Power Horses

The Kaborans and the Orbali settle down, and ask us what to do. Our main mission is just to scout what is here. After some deliberation the plan so far is: Fendrel will go in and scout inside the barrow and Kaeva will get closer to sense more about the network she found.

Fendral and Kaeva sneak forward. Kaeva makes a little noise but manages. About 80 yards away, they see 3 of the lesser undead and 1 of the upper undead. They seem to be talking. Kaeva tries to get a sense of the network but she is too far away. They decide to circle around to get a closer look. Fendral sees someone (small and stealth) coming closer to them on the perimeter. After checking it out, they can tell it is a half-man (human dwarf); he seems sickly and cheerful. He gets really close about 15 feet away, singing creepy Morgathian shit, then passes.

Fendral and Kaeva sneak even farther around, getting closer to the hill. Kaeva uses her pervometry and finds out the is a network connecting a few main points all around the hill, and to a few main (upper) undead. As they are sneaking back, one of the undead on top of the hill makes a noise and runs down the hill. Fendral and Kaeva make there way to the trees. The undead stumbles when he gets to flat ground. he grabs at something by his throat/chest and tugs. The undead explodes and falls apart with bones and guts bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans. The pieces start to come together and form a skeletal/spectral with a black shadowy spectral rider. It charges for the trees. Kaeva attempts to send a signal warning the rest of the of the group but fails.

Gerant checks in on the scouts and sees a flash of the spectral horse. He tells us they need help and to send guys. Kaeva feels that something in the hill is aware of her connection to the group. Ingar sends a few of the 50 warriors to go through the tree. As the entire group gets closer to the tree line, we notice there are 5 additional horse chasing after Fendral and Kaeva. Farrick fires an arrow at the horses but it seems less effective. The top of the hill is moving… seemingly closer to us. a horse is really close to Kaeva and the scouts will have to deal with the horse soon.

Gerant fire a magical bolt on one of the horses. The first horse expands and flings itself over Kaeva, it attempts to push her soul out of her body. A second horse expands and flings itself over Fendral, Fendral uses is special Baradine power, slows time, and escapes. The other two horses are heading toward the treeline and the rest of the Kaborans/ Orbali. Farrick sees off in the distance at the hill a larger horse with a real figure in chainmail and armor. Farrick fires and arrow and hits the horse.

The Kaboran spirit leader messes with something around his neck and a flaming birds appears and destroys a horse. Fendral uses his pyro telekinesis while time is slowed, and sets one horse on fire. Farrick fires another arrow at the big horse, and hits it in the head. his eyes may have caught on fire or it was the light.

Ingar yells to the group of Kaboran to help Kaeva. The Shaman runs over to Kaeva, digs through the mess of spectral, rips her tunic open a little, carves a cross into her chest, and starts to suck something. He sucks for a bit and has a black tendril in his teeth. He pulls it out farther and bites down, breaking it. Kaeva feels better and relieved.

The Orbali who got possessed by a horse starts to speak. “Welcome. I am Andral, Duke of Peron. You should kneel if you wish to not be destroyed”
The Kaboran Shaman, tells us “Andral as the last morgathian king before the Kaboran killed him. The Earl of Tormau’s castle was his.”

The horses stop about 20 feet away and Andral comes closer. He holds his Beuda Blade out and says join me. Gerant ask why have you come out now. Andral says because it is time, join me and I shall tell you all.

Kaeva uses her pervometry on Andral, and sees that Andral is speaking to the air, connecting back to the center of the barrow hill, and then spread out to 9 other locations around the area. kaeva tries to disrupt the Andral connection, but passes out. Gerant fires a spell but Andral’s armor absorbs it. The 30 undead troops draw weapons (many have Beuda Blades). Andral orders them to attack and he turns around, heading back to the hill.

Fendrel’s eyes bulge as the undead hordes mass upon the hillside. He scans the combined forces of the Stormbull, Kubori and mercs. “We don’t have what we need to win this conflict. I strongly recommend a orderly retreat. We can use the trees to our advantage to limit the effectiveness of their mounted troops.”

As Andral gets back up to the hill there are 10 more big horses with Beuda Blades and each of them have a squad of undead, and a humanoid figure in a Morgathian mask (probably a priest). Farrick lets one last arrow fly, hitting the human in the belly, who drops to the ground, rolling down the hill. Gerant uses the armband to wake Kaeva and succeeds.

From the distance, a screech “NO! My Love!”

The Next Plan of Action, the Male-Bitch, and the Guarded Barrow

The Earl of Tormau asks to meet with us. We wait a few more days for Farrick to recuperate. The Storm Bull is being repaired. Araulf attempts to rally and council the Sarajini warriors to full Sarajin capacity. The warriors ask what if there are more undead out there and Araulf should petition the Earl let loose a war party to search for more undead. Kaeva goes to the Peoni temple to practice.

Meroda stops by the Peoni Temple sometimes. Gerant asks him some questions:
(G) Do you know who we are.
(M) I know some things. Who do you have with you.
(G)description of who we are and abilities
(M) says that he has a story that we are from Melderyn and have a ship.
(M) Do you know about this? (holding the black sword-Beuda Blade)
(G) long description of what they are and how they work
(M) What’s special about your boat and why would a morgathian be interested?
(G) We have magic invested in it, I don’t know why the morgathians would be interested. They would have to know we were coming and we didn’t know we were arriving until a week before.
(M) the Morgathians have prophets, they know things.
(G) I have a sense that we were not deliberately set up by Jerop. What do we need to say to the Earl to not arise suspicion.
(M) Be in his service , you could tell him about being the Storm Bull.

The guards lead us into the keep. The Earl is in his hall with court members and officials (a guy who we’ve never seen before- an Agrikan priest).
(E) The suspicion is off you now. I hear you fought valiantly. Why was the morgathian interested in you?
(E) Who sent you to Goliath in the first place?
(E) Where has the route taken you in the past 6 months?
(G) we spent extended time in Melderyn.
(E) maybe someone set you up there. Jerop has connections there. What do you want now?
And what of your man who went North? (the Baradine captain)
(E) I wouldn’t mind discretely removing ships of my enemies.
(G) we would need a crew that would be willing to fight with unconventional naval combat…
(E) I would like to ally with the Knights of Memeca
(G) discusions of stuff
(E) I noticed that when I mention Memecans, you all tense and whisper. What do you know?
(Farrick) description of the rituals and stuff
(agrikan court member) These are LIES!
(F) Believe me, it is true.
(A C M) describe in more detail. What god do you swear?
(E) person you describe is the leader of the Memecans. If you could facilitate a coo, that would be advantageous. if they are to be my allies than I would really like their ships intact. but that is assuming you can uproot their leader.

We decide to go scout a Morgathian barrow inland. Earl says he can offer 25 Kaborans and 25 Orbali. It will be a 2 day march to the site. 5 days of food, shelter, and supplies. The Kaborans lead us along a path. There are two Kaboran leaders: one spiritual, one chief warrior. Kaeva tries to communicate with some of a Kaboran woman. She tells Kaeva about the land, the area, the leaders, and the spiritual energy of her group.

Gaereth cooks for the Orbaliese. They suggest to Araulf that the Kaborans have 4 deer and he should go get one of the Orabli. Araulf tries to command the Orbal to deal. Kaeva talks to her new friend about the deer. The Kaboran woman say she wants a particular Orbali as trade. The Orabli goat the guy to do it and is now her male bitch. The group now has a deer for food.

The terrain turns to scrubby and still wet. As we move along farther and farther the terrain looks decrepit, the Kaborans pray and call to spirits. Kaeva uses her pervometry and senses this place is a nexus for conceptual networks. The Shaman stops and communicates to a spirit (to everyone else he is talking to nobody, to Gaereth the Shaman is talking to a disembodied dragon/frog spirit. The Chief and Farrick go scout, the Chief is very good at stealh. They get to a clearing, and observe a set of guys (turns out to be undead) patrolling the area and a newly dung shaft going into the ground.

The Assault of Terrors and Energy Blasts

Gerant is still underwater. He searches the seafloor and sees 20 stone coffins… opened. The muck, dirt, and debris stirred up around the coffins. Gerant comes back up and that party comes back to the rest.

As Gerant and the rest return, the group starts to feel sickly, flemmy. Chris feels really bad and has more of a cough. Only the Armband bearers are feeling ill, Aroulf and others are unaffected.

Farrick senses that there is something still alive under the bodies or in the next room. Farrick uses some planks to set up a boardwalk across the bodies. As Farrick gets across, he notices two zombies sill walking around the crypts.

Farrick attacks them, in his awesomeness is successful but the zombies seem unaffected by the damage. As Gaerath comes across the boardwalk, he attempts to mental bolt the other zombie; but fails miserably and passes out, choking on vomit.

Kaeva feels as if something about us is wrong, situational but she is not quite sure.

Aroulf attempts to attack, and succeeds, burying his axe in the zombie. however the Shadow of Bukari is strong. He bulks up and a swift gale of heavenly, angelic song and the body goes lifeless.

Ingar, Kaeva, Gerant, and Aroulf go down the alternate passage to swim out and get help. The swimming is getting tough and as the sky is getting closer, Gerant uses a spell to create a burst of water to push Kaeva and Ingar out of the water. As everyone gets their heads out of the water and sees the Storm Bull is under attack!

The group manages to get back to the original door, we entered in. However there is no lock, keyhole, or opening… Gaerath manages to do the same ritual and open the door. There is no one on the other side. We make our way to the Storm Bull.

Gerant engages in a mage battle with a big zombie near our Earthmaster artifact, Storm Wand. Aroulf engages three zombies who jumped off the boat and headed towards them. Gerant unleashes absorb spells as the zombie mage. Aroulf attacks the 3 zombies, and kills one while underwater.

The Storm Bull is completely overrun by zombies. The damage is mostly by the zombies with flaming arrows in them crawling around the rigging. There are only six of the original crew left. Clavair is wielding a zombies as a weapon.

One of the Agrikan officers, gets onto the poop deck and screams at one of the zombies and punches it to death. Aroulf senses the same spiritual conflict from the Agrikan.

The Storm Bull is a mess, scorches and burns but the zombies are slowly but surely being taken care of. Meroda is down by the boat awaiting us with the Earl of Tormau. Meroda explains what happens to the Earl. Meroda brings up Ingvar and explains: we were helping and to recall the accounts of the crypts and the attack on the boat. The Earl asks:
“Do you plan to leave or stay and do service?”

Ask we recover, the physicians look at us and minstrels play for us. Gerant thinks about it, and realizes that the armbands excel the progress of things. So the physician said we have the Black Lung, but we’re weeks into it. We go to the Peoni temple to seek spiritual help. Ingar and Kaeva offer collaborated 1000 pents. The priestesses are put off by this but make arrangements to pay the sponsors and gather some supplies. Aroulf and Thorgile are praying to Sarajin by drinking a lot and vomiting the filth. The cleansing from the Peonians is going to take us a few days to recover.

Aroulf recruits Sarajini sailors to the crew but has some trouble with the endeavor. After 4 days the crew is fully healed. Once we were well, we were notified that the Earl of Tormau wants to see us.

The Cell and the Shadows

We go to the gates of Tormau Castle, and talk to the Baradine spy. As we talk to Meroda, two armored knights come down to escort us. They tell us the Earl wants us to go to a safe location (with access to guards). We go through the large outer wall, past a “minor” show of force with guards everywhere. We get to the Great Hall, a well-dressed fat man comes over. He introduces himself as the Constable of Tormau (brother of the Earl).

The Constable asks us: “What does the Morgathian have to do with you?”
“We were simply sent by Jerop to help out with your problem. We brought gifts as well as experts.”
“Is this your ship? Are you thieves or smugglers?”
Ingar answers that we are businessmen. The Constable tells us if we bring the Morgathian, the suspicion of us would go away.

We ask to investigate the dungeons and are led down. As we are walking down. Gerant casts a spell to ask a Yes or No Question. He asks “Is the morgathian in the castle”?, the answer was yes.

We enter the Morgathian’s cell and Gerant feels a presence of magic through the wall. We ask where the rest of the jail is and the guards tell this is it. Gerant announces that he knows there is something else behind the far wall. The guard tells us that behind the wall is the family crypt, and we would need special permission to go there.

We keep checking the room, Gaerath casts a spell to find secrets. The spell was successful and found a spot on the back wall that has a strange pattern of blood and handprints. Gaerath uses the power of the armband and truly believes that he can complete a ritual of another religion. As panel releases and a passage is revealed.

We go through the passage about 30 feet then turn to the left in to a room about the size of the cell. As everyone was coming into the room, Thorgile and Aroulf hear a conversation down a ladder in the room. As the conversation persists, a horrible, inhuman moaning/grunting sound comes from below. Thorgile goes down the ladder as quickly as possible to scout, Aroulf and Fendril came next. Thorgile sees 40 stone coffins most of them hand a thumbless, bloody handprint on the lid. Thorgile sprints through the room and around the corner to find a naked, thumbless, bloody man praying in a kneeling position to a ghastly thing with a very long jet black sword.

Thorgile runs back to the rest to inform them of his findings. We decide to rush in and deal with the morgathian. As we enter the next room, the ghastly wraith is slowly sliding the sword down the naked man’s throat as black tendrils writhing from is mouth. Gaerath recognizes the tendrils as the “Shadows of Bukari”, so he tries to tell the guys up front. The Wraith eerily moans “Shadows of Bukari..” as he slides the swords out and faces the group.

Gerant acts first casting a Cone of Cold at the Wraith. Fendril kumps up and effortlessly slides his long knife into the Wraith’s wrist. The Wraith seemed to be unaffected by the pain but the hindrance of the metal in the arm. Thorgile uses his hooked spear to rip the sword from the Wraith’s hands, but the Wraith switches grips and the attempt was futile. Aroulf successfully prays to a Valkerie and Gaerath unsuccessfully prays to Save K’nor.

The Wraith

Acquiring the Red-Haired Boy and the Mage

Talking with Jerop we discover some things about the situation with The Earl of Tormau. We go over our current plan and how we are gain an audience with him. Jerop suggests to ingratiate ourselves with the Earl we need to do something that will help him and catch his attention. Jerop also tells us the Earl captured a Morgathian spy and has been torturing him for a month, we could go as specialists. Inorder to gain some more information Kaeva of Seay buys the most recent red-haired boy off of Jerop to save him but also to probe his mind by Farrick.

As we make our way out of Golitha to probe the red-haired boy and to pick up Gerant off of the magic island, we make a plan to drop the red-haired boy off on the island with the Ox for healing and sanctuary. Farrick attempts to probe but gets nervous and fails. He has a massive migraine and can’t probe for a day. We reach the island of The Ox and Farrick tries one more time using a special item he has for probing, gloves with tiny needles that connect him to the probed and succeeds.

Farrick finds out:
The boy was living life quite normally until one day, he is walking around a bend and a man with a missing tooth creepily smiles at him and then black. He is in a dungeon with dozens of other boy who look similar. He is in there for a long time (about 10 months) and every day or so a boy will disappear and others will arrive. This boy is taken from the dungeon and put in a small room. chained in between two beds, and feed small amounts of food. Two creepy, thin girls visit him every 8 days or so and bring him to a horrible, fat man. The boy is chained up and drained of his blood, while the fat man prays, and drinks the blood. THe two girls chant and flay the fat man until his back bleeds. [this is very unusual for Agrikans, blood drinking is very, very strange. the flaying is not].

When Farrick probes the boy, the boy looks relieved and begins to relax for the first time since we bought him. Farrick on the other apparently felt/lived the memories he probed and now shakes/twitches with the memories of torture, pain, and agony.

WE row in a small boat up to the shore and meet the Larani Knight (once was a mercenary of ours) she regales us with tales of receiving support from land side and spreading Oxen around Rethem. As we are talking to her a horn blows on the cliff near us. We rush over to the cliff and a Kaboran lookout says there is a sea monster near our ship. We rush to the aid of the Storm Bull.

The sea monster looks like a giant flounder but has crazy tentacles and acid like things coming off the bottom of it. Kaeva uses her pervomatry to call the Storm Bull closer to us and succeeds. The boat slides a dozen feet towards us with the sea monster attached. As we get on the top deck we see, Skedin crack open one of the crates he brought. Inside is a contraption of straps, whips, hooks, and blades. He puts it on and does a “dance” but we soon realize he’s warming up and attacks the sea monster. The blades are attached to the whips and they slice up the monster but also the rigging. it was very effective.

We depart and arrive to the Secret Isle. Kaeva uses her Pervomatry to make the rocks go down for us to pass. Upon walking on the shore everyone wearing an armband feels a sudden need to go do.. a routine.. Skedin comes with the armband bearers and surprisingly doesn’t get sick. [As we remember, anyone who doesn’t have an armband get violently ill when staying to far away from the designated lounge area on shore.] Everyone departs on the little quest to find their item on the island and bring it back to the meeting point. The portal into the other plane opens..

Gerant has been in the other plane for 3 months (our time) like we were training in Nurisel. But for him it was closer to 3 years of spell casting, research, and combat training. Gerant, Khale, and two battle mages are training hard, until they hear a sudden pop and realize the portal has opened. 8 of the armband bearers walk into the small laboratory. Gerant asks what has happened so far and we regale of tales of Navehans and awesome ninja training. Skedin takes off his pack and asks where is the room where spells are cast. Gerant responds with a gentle “why” (understood: you don’t look like a mage). One of the battle mages shakes his head in protest signifying, to Gerant “don’t protest him, man”. Skedin asks the battle mage “give me your best orb” and the mage winds up and fires a huge ball of fire energy at Skedin. Skedin takes a small orb in his hands, makes some quick gestures and absorbs the flame into the orb. “alright, that’s good.”

We back out of the Secret Isle with Mage in hand, and heads towards Tormau. Ithico is on the way so we look out for any opportunities that would be advantageous. Falkins using his natural keen eyesight sees 1 of the Earl of Ithico’s ships in port, 1 coming our way but followed by a ship of the Agrikan Knights of Roving Doom. We weight our options and consequences for flat out trying to sink an Ithico ship and the Knights of RD. We decide to heed the Earl of Nurisel’s warning that an open act of war would not be advantageous so we move along towards Tormau.

We arrive in Tormau using the Lucky Lantern’s flag. Tormau is a realitvely small island we can clearly see Sarajin temples and mercenaries along with Kaboran flags/mercenaries. We are greeted by the harbormaster at the docks and he asks what is our business: trade or passing through. We discretely drop Jerop’s name and say we hear they had a problem and we have an expert on the subject (Morgathian spy). Upon hearing Jerop’s name he loosens up on suspicion and we follow him to see the Earl of Tormau. As we walk up to Earl’s chamber, the guard tell us of the spy: how he was captured, and interrogated about who he is and what is his mission. The spy laughs and speaks in tongues when asked the questions. The guards resorted to torture for the information. This did nothing, only more laughing and mockery. Though strangley last night, the screaming was unusally loud but they could make out the spy say "THEY"RE HERE! THEY"RE HERE, IT HAS BEGUN!", then silence. When the guards checked on him this morning it was silent and the spy was gone from his cell…

The New Lucky Lantern

1st of Nuzyael (light frigid rain)

With the advise of the Earl of Nurisel, we use the Lucky Lantern’s flag as our new colors to not raise suspicion especially since the Lucky Lantern is not as famous as us. As we depart from Melderyn we have in our stores 10 tons of paper, 3 tons of glenoth blue, 6 tons of good iron, 20 tons for Jerop, and other assorted goods for trade all from the Earl of Nurisel for us to use for our mission.

As we depart we also gain one more crew, a captain of the Baradine, Sketin Loss, he is very experienced carrying a “Broken Bastard Sword” and has 3 personal crates that are not to be opened.

The first day back on the sea, Kaeva of Seay powers up the Storm Bull and we sail fast. Along the we West we see the Biradine (the King of Melderyn’s main vessel) and stop for inspection. We chat with her captain, Sir Yorman Galet, and find ou the seas have been quite quiet except a Asariani merchant vessel with illegal cargo and a Morgathian prophet. Sir Yorman told they dismembered the Morgathian and threw him in the sea and destroyed the ship, a well planned collar..

By the secind day on sea we make it to Belna.
By the third day we make it to the split of Keboth and Yelin. We see 2 elf ships sailing south then turn west. That night two blue lights erupt from their ships into the sky. Ingar of Seay our captain regales a tale/theory of why this happens and it is our own Clavair who gives a moving tale of how the elves sail west to die and blue is the color of their god.

By the fourth day we are rounding the Ternu Heath Pennisula.

On the fifth day we are getting closer to Golitha and we get caught in a storm, almost all of the crew are fine but some were ins trouble. We find a raft with three sailors on board, one of which is severely injured. They tell us they were on a routine departure from Golitha and anchored for the night, must have drifted and was attacked by something horrible only a few must have survived. Araulf strips his garments and dives into the water to search for proof of this claim. he finds their ship broken and sinking, surrounded by blood and the hull has a bite taken out of it (with teeth still lodged into it). He attempts to pry one from the hull as proof but it is wedged. Araulf returns and tells the crew of what he saw, everyone is worried. We make for Golitha..

We arrive at the port of Golitha, and are strangely bypassed by the harbormaster. Upon docking we see the Nehu’s Teeth, The Kragen, and a Asariani ship. We are greeted by a representative of Jerop and are escorted to his office. We find out the 20 tons of cargo specifically for Jerop consists of old out-dated Rethem coins, wine, fancy clothes, and a single book. Jerop greets us the normal way of hi’s and head nods. We inform him about parts of our mission and about our next destination: Tormau. Jerop gives us some information on the situation like:

1. There has been shipments of young red haired boys in the Golithan slave market with physical markers like burned-out eyes, removed tongues, definitely drained of blood/weak, and abused beyond recognition. The boys have been given away by the Agrikian Knights of Memeka. The Agrikans have mainly ground troops but 1 ship.

2. The Earl of Ithico is Earl Harin Barsak and he hates the Earl of Tormau because of Ithus. The Earl of Ithico has 4 ships and also a small (growing) army.

Jerop reinforces the plan that the Earl of Tormau needs breathing room for these two factions and will give us a story/mission to gain audience with the Earl. He suggests also that if we do something to ingratiate that would show initiative, like sink a faction’s ship.

The current plan: use the iron shipment for the Argikans and take out their ship after meeting up with the Earl of Tormau…

Storm Bull 2: Back and kicking ass

Training for 3 Months… with the Baradine, secret ninjas of the Earl of Nurisel.

During the second month of Navek, we learned more about the Baradine. They have an “agreement” with the Navehians that they each hunt each other as a test of skills and proof of skills.

During the Third month of Morgat:
Two new crew members joined, Farrik and Fendrel both Baradine and also Sawtooth and Doctor’s sons. We heard the Doctor’s son can steal knowledge and memories from someone. The Dwarf finished the armbands by the end of winter. We assigned only a few of the armbands to some of the crew, some of the them received the armbands they had before (Ingvar/Leader) and some new crew received an armband (Gaereth/Faithful). The Dwarf said in order to attune more quickly we needed a drop of blood, everyone complied. There is a new armband we had not documented which is The Sacrifice. This band was on the sea monster and is unknown on it’s true purpose. All the Dwarf really knows is it seems to be a feedback loop for the energy and healing powers, this means definitely two things: the bearer will feel the pain of all the other bearers and healing for all the armbands come from this band. THe Dwarf’s current theory is that the bearer of The Sacrifice might be immortal…

The Earl of Nurisel called us to meet with him after the three months were up. We came in to his office (we was wearing a cool outfit) And gives us a mission: make contact with the Earl of Tormau off the coast to the west, this mission is mostly sea based but some taking land might be necessary. The main objective of the mission is to assist the Earl of Tormau, his efforts must survive for the end game of the politics war to continue. If the Earl of Tormau is eliminated now the conflict will not go in the Earl of Nurisel’s favor.

The Earl of Tormau has two major problems: the Earl of Ithico to the south and the Agrikian Knights of Memeka to the north. Open aggression will be bad and could accelerate the war too quickly, so we need to be subtle but not completely sneaky. The Earl of Tormau has an army growing by enlisting Ivinian and Kabora mercenaries, but he really needs breathing room to gather strength and time.

Our latest plan is to fly under false colors and assist/destroy enemies from within… Maybe using a pirate flag we have stored…

Chasing a Good Deal
A Deal too Good to Pass Up - a New Ship!

January 26th

Heading out into the open seas, the Storm Bull attempts to chase down a ship carrying valuable cargo who was spurned from Melderyn. Running a night, with lights, the Storm Bull passed several ships in the busy shipping lane. She had to open her hatches to noble inspection and turn down a not-so-lucrative deal on whale oil. After a couple of close calls in the dark, she tangles with the dread pirates of the Heavenly Arrow. Despite greek fire, poison powder and cowardly backstabbing dingys, the Storm Bull prevails and captures another ship. She chases down the spurned foreign mercantilers and makes a deal for weapons over rats.


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