Seas of Harn

So?.. Are we Slaves? / Secrets, Secrets

The Azariani ship let’s out a small life boat. A small discussion about the ethics and philosophy of how to use magic in Harn. The Kraken sails past to intercept the life boat. The Storm Bull starts to repair the ship. Ingar tells the crew to pick up the sailors in the water. The Kraken circles back towards us. We manage to get 10 sailors after some getting eaten by sharks. They are all shirtless and have abdomen tattoos that go higher.

Jinlele says, they found the lifeboat trying to get away with an artifact.

Farrick mind reads the frostbitten Firelord. He sees the other firelords, the artifact, and a dualistic symbol. There are these White Robed (wizards- imperial, Azariani wizards) installing the spherical artifact into their boat.

sized discussion about if the new sailors are slaves or crew and where we are going. They are scared about going to Melderyn. Jinele and the Kraken search for stuff in the debris of crates: finding 6 tons of rum/alcohol. One of the guys is an 8th mate.

Gaereth tends to the wounded sailors and one of them ( who has darker skin than the rest) makes moves on Gaereth and sends him a secret note. After a Save K’nor spell the note is readable and seems to be only readable by a Save K’Nor. He says he is a Belini, which is an Order of Save K’Nor that is rumored to be more rogue (assassination like) goals. Gaereth and the man exchange notes back and forth. His mission was to investigate the situation in Golitha. Gaereth told him it seems to be taken by Morgath. He wonders which order Gaereth is from and what is his mission. After the conversation Gaereth tells Gerant about the conversation.

We travel past the tip of Kanday and a ship hails us. The captain asks why we have so many foreigners on our ship. We tell her about the Azari ship and she is impressed and asks us to deliver a message to Cherafir.

Gerant asks Tika about the spherical artifact and the helmets. The artifact soaks up magic spells but was overloaded. It also has a dumping mechanism to allow the artifact to soak up more spells. The helmets protect the wearer from magic and anyone can use it, but it is very vision impairing.

Farrick mind probes the frostbitten guys again. The guy is healing because he’s praying. And the helmets weren’t vision impairing because of an agrikian ritual. he also really wants to kill/torture Farrick.

We see a couple of ships by the island. but we find out they are Earl’s men.

When we wake up an Azariani is dead. Gaereth casts a spell and notices the knife wound in the center of his chest is burned. Fendral checks on the Frostbitten guy and he is praying in a position similar to the Baradine. Farraick attempts to kick the prisoner, but the guy looks at Farrick with his newly Fire burning, Frostbitten eye. Farrick’s demon inside his chest begins to claw through the chest wound. Fendral goes to attack the demon but is in pain in his left eye and doesn’t want to attack the demon. On the top deck 3 sailors bust into flames, running around and jumping off.

Fendral does a cool stab with the earth mage buffs. and screaming ensues.

The Chimera's Cry and the Sanguine Wings of Fire

We decide to bring the Kraken to the Magic Island. As we enter the bay, we see a skitter into the trees. As we tie off the Kraken, a few dozen people come out of the trees in a non-threatening manner. Falkins says they are Melderyni. The leader says he’s a loyla guy to the Earl of Nurisel. They are here guarding a few new mages who came to the island.

The Azariani are threatening to come and help Rethem. We ask about Morgathian activity but end up telling them about Morgath stuff. The mages come down to the shore and Gerant asks to talk to the Earl. The female mage casts a spell on the campfire. The fire talks the form of two figures (male and female).

The Earl:
We discuss the recent activity in Rethem, the Kraken, and the Chimera (the ship the mages and troops were on). We are told to check on the Chimera, to see if it is alive or taken.

The Mission:
Gerant uses a spell to divine the whereabouts of the Chimera. Bolat uses a “lighthouse spell”. There are Kaboran rafts with Gulmorvrin on them. The mage, Tika, sent out an air elemental to check. She could only see 5 leagues out. Gerant’s spell tells him the captain is not in charge of the boat anymore. Gerant goes into the sanctum to research a spell.

We give the Melderyni crew Jinlele as the Captain/Pilot.

We sail to Melderyn. The one of the mages starts to sink the raft as we pass them. We see a large Azariani ship off in the distance. Both crews decide if we should sink it.

We go for it. We are going to go fast and around them; while the Jhimorvi mage fires out of the Ballista. Gerant uses a confusion spell. The sails raise and it’s a long firey wings. A bunch of sailors are replaced with guys in White, Red, and Silver. Geareth says in Azeri (L) these colors represent a political/religious rank that translates to “Firelord”. We see these Firelords hold up a lance and poin it at us and the Kraken. The Kraken is engulfed in flame; it is put out but very damaging. Then they fire at us. we use wind and water magic to dodge.

There are more ballista volleys back and forth. Then the water in-between the boats boils a little; and 5 of the Firelords jump off the boat and run towards us. Kaeva uses her pervometry to make lightning and aims it at the mast with the Fire Wings. It works and the wings go away. The Firelords jump up and are very, very close.

Fighting ensues. bad divine fighting and crazy magic. The Firelords put down their weapons. and surrender but ask are we willing to let the Azariani ship sink. The Kraken keeps firing bolts at the ship slowly but surely destroying it.

The Storm bull: The Curse of the Black Kraken

The group rests for a while doing individual activities. Fendral learns more abut the Mamecans. Gaereth starts to learn about Agrikan lore, rituals, and myths. Falkins tell Gerant that there is a strange bird hanging out by the mast. Gerant climbs up and grabs the bird. It turns into a piece of paper. The paper message says that the king of Melderyn calls for his navy.

Kaeva is notified that the young Peoni girl sent to the Kaborans, is dead and another young girl is ready to go. Gerant goes to Meroda. We set sail from Tormau going south. We head to the island of the Ox. Kaeva informs them of the situation with the miracle of Peoni, the Kaboran situation, and asks for a priest to come with the Storm Bull. 5 Peoni priests come on board and request to go to he new Peoni site at the Burrow. We get to Tormau and let the yacht go take them to the shore. We are headed back south, two days off schedule.

Two guys up in the crows nest spot a ship in the evening. Falkins tries to search for identification, the only thing he sees is that they coated their sails in pitch black material and it’s one of the 15 big ships like us. Gerant casts the spell to see in the dark, and finds out the ship is the Kraken, of Golitha. It keeps getting closer and coming right for us.

Gerant senses that the Kraken is using Water magic. Gerant puts a counter spell ready at the back of the boat. Falkins asks him what he sees. Gerant looks closer and notices the guy on the prow of the Kraken and he’s one of the big undead using a rod of something that is casting a water spell.

Fendral uses is pyrotechnics to light sling shots and arrows. Farrick fires a flaming arrow and it goes through the sails. We see that the all of the “soldiers” are lined up at the front of the prow ready to board.

Gerant cancels the counter sphere and shoots a magic bolt at the Amorvrin. That guy retreats back. Thorgyle stabs the Amorvrin and one pulls a sword out and hits at his spear. Gaereth mental bolts the Amorvrin with the sword and figuratively a mental rope is tied to the Amorvrin and Gaereth’s Aura is being siphoned. Gerant fires his last magic bolt at the Amorvrin and he stumbles back. Thorgyle and Aroulf strike at the Amorvrin , Aroulf gets hit. Gerant melts the tip of the prow and the Amorvrin is in the water.

We slow the boat down to get closer and fight them. There are 39 Gulmorvrin and 1 Amorrvrin. Arould, Thorgyle, Fendral and other warriors jump over to the Kraken. Farrick stabs at one of the Gulmorvrin. The Gulmorvrin lets Farrrick stab him in order to grab attack. The blessed daggers of Siem make the spirit of the Gulmorvrin to go away.

The Gulmorvrin casts something while Fendral and Thorgyle fight him; and the Kraken shifts sideways.Then tips sideways at an angle (about 45 deg). Fendral jumps at the Gulmorvrin and hurts him bad. Farrick attacks the Gulmorvrin with the staff and gets him good. falling toward Fendral.

The crew takes care of the Morvrin. And we start to search the ship finding the crew: dead and in the first stage of the Morvrin creation.

Magic Eight Ball Says... We might be fucked

We are in the bay as we see a boat of Knights of Roving Doom. We get Falkins to look at the other ship and they have a shrine, lots of guys with heavy crossbows. Gerant uses a spell to divine an answer: Are they here to attack the keep? The answer is maybe, mixed. Falkins says they are really ready to fight.

They are positioning between us and the land. They have chainmail and shields along the side of the boat ready to be put on. They are wearing quilt and sigils. A big guy asks us who we are and declare our ship… Ingar says we are the Lucky Lantern a merchant vessel hired to deliver a message. They are suspicious of us and tell us to report to Golitha in 14 days. They let us go and start heading to the keep. We go a little farther then turn around do Falkins can see:

The boat is a port. Many soldiers are out and by the side door. The Earl’s men are over the side shouting but there is no conflict of arms. The “conversation” keeps going for a while but no firing and fighting happens.

We leave, use a charge in the ship, and make to Golitha by evening. A few of Rethem’s navy ships are in port. The pilot asks us who we are. We tell him Storm Bull but we "switched’ flags. Kaeva asks what’s going on. A head nod, raised eyebrow, raised shoulders, wink wink, index finger to nose… and Kaeva says it’s been rough. He says lots of theories and we are off to port.

We get into port, and are asked if we are here to see Jerop. We agree, and 6 guys are assigned to escort us. Tensions from South and East. and there have been rumors of “undead” at the tombs (Jerop is being cautious). Jerop is dressed to move around, and not to file papers.

We discuss what’s going on in Golitha. We ask about Morgathian stuff. He asks if we encountered them. We regale them with the tale of the Tormau barrow fight. Jerop asks if we can stay to help defend Golitha. Shit might go down very soon.

We decide to get back to Tormau to open up our quest slot. But we can’t leave that night immediately and will have to spend the night in Golitha. We spend some time in the warehouse. The Barber arrives. Farrick attempts to get healed but with the power of magic and “healing” power of Agrik.

It’s morning… Kabora are close, the king might lock down. If we are to leave, we need to leave now. As we leave, we see a really big ship (bigger than ours). After one full day of sailing. We get back to Tormau. We see Meroda, and discuss the situations about his keeps and about Golitha. We discuss the Morgathians, Kaborans, and Kanday.

The Last of the Seige

Fendral slows time to advance forward in the stairway. Fendral sees many Agrikans ahead of the crossbowmen and kills them. Farrick gets back to the boat and is in serious pain. Gaereth attempts to use his physician skills but fails. Kaeva uses her pervometry to detect that Farrick’s body is doing extra stuff and that is making his body act differently [i.e. gas]. Fendral kills the next Agrikan in line, making him fall backwards down the stairs. The next two Agrikans look behind them. Aroulf attacks the line of men. killing one man in the groin and grappling with another. Gerant uses a spell to slow the area with the Agrikan knights. An Agrikan leaps at Aroulf and goes past him; Gerant takes a shot at him and hits.

The Agrikan who leapt leaves the spell and now is ready. Three of are guys attack and the Agrikan counterstrikes all of them. After a few moments the Agrikan knight attacks a few people hitting an Orbaliese in the jaw sending molten teeth into the wall. The knight’s gauntlets are molten and on fire (divinely). Fendral hits the knight in the calf, breaking a bone and he’s down. Aroulf battles with a guy, hitting him in the chest, that guy goes into shock. Aroulf goes up the stairs.

Aroulf dodges an arrow, and attacks a man at arms in the foot. Some fighting. The Agrikans start to yield but one knight and a strange robed woman fight. An Agrikan man at arms makes gestures to say “hey man don’t” but Aroulf attacks anyway; amputating his leg at the thigh. The robed woman fought the knight and won, pushing him off the balcony, breaking things. The main head honcho asks who we are. Ingar says we are from the Earl of Tormau and were sent to get information but then came upon this chaos. Ingar gives a letter from EoT to the robed woman. The head guy asks us to help secure the keep and make sure there are no Copper Hook.

After the battle the Copper Hook stop fighting at the front gates. Farrick talks with Lady Tilia about interrogating the knights. Tilia asks Farrick about his injuries. Farrick interrogates a knight: why they attacked- all political. Farrick steals knowledge of Agrik. Tilia subtlety interrogates Farrick about being a Baradine. As everyone regroups on the boat, we see the Companions of Roving Doom round the corner.

Finally on the Boat and a Skyrim styled assult on a Keep!

The Earl of Tormau asks us to sail to Golitha and Weseda as fast as we can. We ask for at least 18 ABS. As we leave we discuss psychic sex positions. Ingar gives a rallying speech to the new sailors! However the Orbaliese don’t understand an look to Aroulf to translate…

We rev up the boat and depart from the dock, we hit a few things on the way out: the sandbar, the dock, etc. But we make it out safely (relatively). As we start sailing Kaeva uses a charge on the boat to move faster and Gerant experiments with the armbands and magic with Gaereth. Kaeva notices a storm rolling in and sends the boat into it to capture a storm. A vortex forms around the boat and the sailors are screaming and cursing. With the storm in the boat we are flying on the sea. Falkins tells us that the Knights of Roving Doom are out a ways. As we sail past (1 league at the closest) they raise sails but cannot keep up. A lot of ships are anchored, ready for bad weather.

We sail into Weseda, we see a Kanday Ship attacking the Earl of Tormau’s castle. We see that there might be guys with bronze hooks in the castle. That means Tormau’s men are fighting against the Agrikian Order of the Hook and the Kanday Laranians are helping someone.

Some of the innocent and nonthreatening sailor including Gaereth and Kaeva, go over to the Larani ship to ask what is going on. They say the Agrikian Hook are maming a play to tak over. They have already taken over the Earl of Tormau’s other keep and they are making progess on this one. We ask how we can help.

As we are making a plan for assault, we are told about some strange barrels that create fire. Gerant accesses that the barrels are in a 20ft by 20ft square in the water. Falkins fires a dud bola out of our slingshot while Gerant uses a spell to create a wave. Half of the barrels exploded and the other half were scattered away. The Larani ship gets caught a little with the fire.

Some of the Orbaliese and our crew come on to the land. They go to the back door and two guys with axes start breaking it down. Farrick fires his bow at the Agrikian Hooks. Gaereth tries to mental bolt archers. Gerant tries to uses the spell “Melt Wood” while Aroulf attemps to break down the door. Aroulf gets shot in the gut with an arrow and the spell fizzles. Ingar rhetoric the shit out of the soldiers on the other side. They let our crew in when we convince them we are from Tormau.

The Orbaliese and crew head further into the keep. Tables are turned over, men are fighting. Tormau’s men say to help them, crew run over. Farrick slows time and disables some of the enemies. When re turns to normal time, he looks pale and awful. Farrick requests to be taken back to the ship. The Crew makes it further in the keep . They get to some stairs but a crossbowman turns and fires. Aroulf gets hit in the arm. He sends capable men to the doorway but one gets hit in the ear when the bolt goes through the shield. After a burst of courage a line of men get to the doorway.

Threat of Koaboran Massecre

Dragons and the myths about dragons.
Farrick stays to learn Agrikian religion.
Group goes to Witch with Storm Wand. We pass the New Peoni settlement. Kaboran revives are gone, the wild Kaborans took them. We get closer to the grove. See a massive gathering of Kabornas, we keep moving. Meet up with young Elf Girl (YEG). She says to wait here for undetermined time. We play games. She gets alert and dashes off. 25 Kaborans come over hill, yell and charge. Gaereth casts a spell/ succeeds and understands the Kaborans are angry about the dragon, foreigners, and want our heads. YEG and another male Elf help us escape. We arrive at the grove, Gerant goes in, the rest wait. Ingar talks to YEG about the nearby Glassblower and a spyglass.

Gerant presents the Storm Wand to Witch. She sings (very loudly) and the Wand starts spinning in the air. Kaeva tries to attune to the Wand but gets shut out. She wanders to the Witch’s location and sees an orb of darkness. After a magic light show and craziness, the Gerant and Kaeva have the Wand but the Witch retreats into the cave, finished.

As the Elf Captain and a human ranger come to meet us as Gerant and Kaeva get back, we talk about what’s going on: Morgathian awakenings all over Peran, Kanday War, Kaboran politics.

Kaeva scans the Wand, finds out it is different somehow. The Captain gives Kaeva a compass-thingy. Ingar asks the Captain about Point Ear and some of her info. We make our way back to Tormau. Pass the Peoni settlement. They said the kaborans returned the flayed skins of their brethren. The Peoni priest gives Kaeva a big basket of the red flowers.

We return to Tormau. THe Earl is busy with War talk. We inform him of some of the info we got about Kabornas and Morgathians. Three days go by: Sketin shows up with only one box, Gerant researches a spell.

Battle of the Network Stars, Hippie Peoni Newborns, Harnic Galadriel's Gifts

The group reforms the lines after the clash with the undead. We have 8 Orbaliese, 12 Kaborans, and us. Kaeva uses her pervometry and the network of the armband network to focus and shutdown the undeads’ network. Only 3 of the 7 armband wearers succeed in focusing into the network. But Kaeva succeeds on collecting the network and psychicly attack the undead network. As Kaeva connects us to the network we all are fighting, in any way possible, as 7 vs. 7…Battle of the Network Stars.

First volley of network battle, almost everyone succeeds. The second volley again almost everyone succeeds. Aroulf rallies the troops to charge forward and attack. Androl’s head casts a spell and Gerant tries to counter but one level still makes it through. Everyone of the armband wearers takes fire damage to somewhere relative to their conflict. More conlficts between each of the armband wearers and the undead sergeants. Kaeva uses some of her Piety to attempt to sever the undead sergeants from Morgath himself. As the troops are fighting everyone sees and feels the spirits fight, then disappear. All of the undead drop to the ground, they looks as if they had been residing there for hundreds of years. Everyone’s wounds are old scars, the fallen Orbaliese and Kaborans are mysteriously there dressed as Peonian priests and confused as to why they are here.

The Kaboran shaman and some warriors scout around and drop. They say the Undead summoned.. the Dark Elves. Dark Elves are elves who feel mankind should be removed from Harn. The troop of Dark Elves retreat, but moments later a few White elf warriors are coming this way.

Ingar greets the incoming White Elves in harnic, introducing himself. The only elf out of 4 who knows Harnic, greets the Kaboran War leader. Then turns his attention to Ingar.
(I) “What are you doing here.”
(E) “We came when we felt the … transcendence, I guess you would call it.”
(I) Cool, man..
(E) Are you who did this?
(I) Did what? Peoni did it.
(E) Who did this slaughter.
(Ar) I did that!
(E) Peoni certainly cleansed this place.
(E) There is a family in ZaZa, who have a powerful Peoni relic that would aid you. The Gilgood family.
(E) We fought off the Dark Elves, after they were called.
(E) Have you heard of the Dragon Hunter… (the Kaboran looked panicked)
(K) Where is he!?
(E) We don’t know.
(Us) thinking It might be the Baradine Captain with the crazy weapon.
(E) All the Elves know is that the Hunter killed it and took its heart.

Fendral asks the Elves if they can help with his eyes. A young Elf pricks her finger and bleeds in Fendral’s eyes, she says when the scabs fall off, you will be healed. Fendral is blind… Farrick gets a far worse treatment and is in pain.

A dark elf free trip to Tormau, we get back. Aroulf tells a great ballad of the Morgathian Slaughter. Minstrels begin writing songs of our glory. The Earl of Tormau asks us to name our price (now or when he becomes king of Rethem).Gerant asks Moroda about the significance of the Morgathian secrecy and plans at this juncture in time.

Gerant asks if the human we killed at the barrow is the crazy soul-dealing morgathian that we met in Golitha.

After the healing and questioning is over. Kaeva and few others go back to the barrow to investigate the barrow. Farrick asks around about Peoni thinking he may join since she healed him. Gerant asks the elf girl about the glass item he wants. She says there are presents for us. 12 Deer horn knives, forged from Dream that can hurt the undead and necklaces that prevent possession.

Gerant sees the elf who can sing to water. He gets a bad-ass magic item.

The Rethemiville Horror: Possession, Slaughter, and the Sarajin Defense

The 30 Undead troops are moments away, while the rest of the undead footmen from the hill are coming this way. The Kaborians a summoning spirits and the Orbaliese are praying their asses off.

Aroulf prays to Sarajjin to enrage all of the Orbaliese and Saraji around him. Gareath uses his medium power to commune with the spirits to assess the situation/ do something cool. Fendral attacks one of the undead but gets counterstriked in the stomach. Thorgyle near cuts off the arm of one and when the Beuda Blade sticks into the ground the ground crystalizes the grass into black glass.

Aroulf prays hard to Sarajin himself. Lightning strikes the center of the Orbaliese and they all rush forward. Garaeth fails his attempt to tell the undead to stop. Ingar rallies the Kaborians to be awesome, and win! Gerant uses a spell and some of the earth around the undead moves, making a few waist deep in the ground. Fendral stabs in the groin of one of the undead. Kaeva gets hit in the chest by a mace. Thorgyle counterstrikes an undead in the neck and the taint evaporates away because of the divineness. Aroulf counterstrikes an undead who hit him in the hip with a strike to the shoulder. Thorgyle charges for the hill. Ingar attacks the undead, who is grappling with Gerant, in the hip. Gerant uses his magical bracer to stab the undead in the head. Kaeva wakes up, startled.

Garaeth fails his mental conflict and gets possessed. Aroulf wrenches the spirit from one of the upper undead. The Kaboran Shaman jumps in etched a cross on Garaeth’s chest and sucks out the spirit. Gerant uses his earth spell and captures a few of the undead in the ground. Kaeva attempts to use her pervometry but is distracted by her chest wound.

The big guy on the horse shouts something, and black wave forms and goes right for the group of Sarajini. The wave of the Morgthian stuff comes down to Aroulf who is resisting based on his Piety. It looks like the Sarajini are going mad, turning into Morgathian, etc (big “C” chaos). Aroulf uses two years of Piety to give the Sarajini a fighting chance. Fendral uses his slow time ability to get to the Big Horse. As he gets there the dwarf is active at his increased speed. Fendral attacks the dwarf who looks like he’s trying to jump on him. The dwarf smashes something near Fendral and the thing in the dwarf’s hand explode: striping the armor and tearing the skin from his body. Farrick uses his slow time ability to help Fendral. He saw the dwarf smear black stuff on his diamond around his neck, giggling.

Farrick stabs the dwarf in the abdomen. The dwarf grabs onto his arms/knife and the diamond explodes. The dwarf’s face comes peeling off and Farrick sees in slow motion shrapnel coming right for him. Farrick attempts to pull the dwarf into the shrapnel before it hits him. Fendral jumps in front of Farrick with his shield to protect from the shrapnel. The shield is destroyed but they are clear. Farrickand Fendral tag team the big guy. Farrick hamstrings the horse and Fendral goes after the big guy’s head region. Farrick was successful. Fendral strikes his neck, cutting through all the metal like butter, getting through 60% of his neck. They both get out of doge before their time runs out. Farrick returns farily unharmed and Fendral comes back with less eyesight.

As the fighting is still going on the big guy’s horse topples over and his head rolls around. The divine evil wave blows back like it’s powerless. So far 15 Orbaliese are left, and Gerant comes up to Aroulf touches his shoulder and says " Your immune to the black stuff. Go.". Gerant also touches 8 other Sarajini. Kaeva uses her pervometry and senses how many main points are in the undead’s network. She distracts one of the main undead. Thorgyle attempts to regain his berserk, but isn’t jazzed up enough. Thorgyle attacks another undead in the chest. garaeth uses a spell and discovers that one of the upper undead is hacking Androl’s head completely off. Garaeth tells Gerant. Aroulf attacks undead to get to Androl. The upper undead has completely cut off Androl’s head and the head is barking orders. Gerant fires a spell at the big horse making it buckle, the head still giving orders.

Garaeth uses his mental bolt ability to Androl’s head, and thinks it was a hit. Farrick slows time down again as he does, the head and the horse start to catch aflame. Gerant puts a spell to trap the head magically. Farrick attempts to grab the head and throw it to Aroulf. Farrick grabs the head and the heads moans “yes…”.

Fendral see Farrick disappear and Orbaliese start getting eviscerated. Fendral slows time and knocks out Farrick. Fendral is find but Farrick gets gout…

The Cheery Dwarf and the Mighty Morphing Power Horses

The Kaborans and the Orbali settle down, and ask us what to do. Our main mission is just to scout what is here. After some deliberation the plan so far is: Fendrel will go in and scout inside the barrow and Kaeva will get closer to sense more about the network she found.

Fendral and Kaeva sneak forward. Kaeva makes a little noise but manages. About 80 yards away, they see 3 of the lesser undead and 1 of the upper undead. They seem to be talking. Kaeva tries to get a sense of the network but she is too far away. They decide to circle around to get a closer look. Fendral sees someone (small and stealth) coming closer to them on the perimeter. After checking it out, they can tell it is a half-man (human dwarf); he seems sickly and cheerful. He gets really close about 15 feet away, singing creepy Morgathian shit, then passes.

Fendral and Kaeva sneak even farther around, getting closer to the hill. Kaeva uses her pervometry and finds out the is a network connecting a few main points all around the hill, and to a few main (upper) undead. As they are sneaking back, one of the undead on top of the hill makes a noise and runs down the hill. Fendral and Kaeva make there way to the trees. The undead stumbles when he gets to flat ground. he grabs at something by his throat/chest and tugs. The undead explodes and falls apart with bones and guts bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans. The pieces start to come together and form a skeletal/spectral with a black shadowy spectral rider. It charges for the trees. Kaeva attempts to send a signal warning the rest of the of the group but fails.

Gerant checks in on the scouts and sees a flash of the spectral horse. He tells us they need help and to send guys. Kaeva feels that something in the hill is aware of her connection to the group. Ingar sends a few of the 50 warriors to go through the tree. As the entire group gets closer to the tree line, we notice there are 5 additional horse chasing after Fendral and Kaeva. Farrick fires an arrow at the horses but it seems less effective. The top of the hill is moving… seemingly closer to us. a horse is really close to Kaeva and the scouts will have to deal with the horse soon.

Gerant fire a magical bolt on one of the horses. The first horse expands and flings itself over Kaeva, it attempts to push her soul out of her body. A second horse expands and flings itself over Fendral, Fendral uses is special Baradine power, slows time, and escapes. The other two horses are heading toward the treeline and the rest of the Kaborans/ Orbali. Farrick sees off in the distance at the hill a larger horse with a real figure in chainmail and armor. Farrick fires and arrow and hits the horse.

The Kaboran spirit leader messes with something around his neck and a flaming birds appears and destroys a horse. Fendral uses his pyro telekinesis while time is slowed, and sets one horse on fire. Farrick fires another arrow at the big horse, and hits it in the head. his eyes may have caught on fire or it was the light.

Ingar yells to the group of Kaboran to help Kaeva. The Shaman runs over to Kaeva, digs through the mess of spectral, rips her tunic open a little, carves a cross into her chest, and starts to suck something. He sucks for a bit and has a black tendril in his teeth. He pulls it out farther and bites down, breaking it. Kaeva feels better and relieved.

The Orbali who got possessed by a horse starts to speak. “Welcome. I am Andral, Duke of Peron. You should kneel if you wish to not be destroyed”
The Kaboran Shaman, tells us “Andral as the last morgathian king before the Kaboran killed him. The Earl of Tormau’s castle was his.”

The horses stop about 20 feet away and Andral comes closer. He holds his Beuda Blade out and says join me. Gerant ask why have you come out now. Andral says because it is time, join me and I shall tell you all.

Kaeva uses her pervometry on Andral, and sees that Andral is speaking to the air, connecting back to the center of the barrow hill, and then spread out to 9 other locations around the area. kaeva tries to disrupt the Andral connection, but passes out. Gerant fires a spell but Andral’s armor absorbs it. The 30 undead troops draw weapons (many have Beuda Blades). Andral orders them to attack and he turns around, heading back to the hill.

Fendrel’s eyes bulge as the undead hordes mass upon the hillside. He scans the combined forces of the Stormbull, Kubori and mercs. “We don’t have what we need to win this conflict. I strongly recommend a orderly retreat. We can use the trees to our advantage to limit the effectiveness of their mounted troops.”

As Andral gets back up to the hill there are 10 more big horses with Beuda Blades and each of them have a squad of undead, and a humanoid figure in a Morgathian mask (probably a priest). Farrick lets one last arrow fly, hitting the human in the belly, who drops to the ground, rolling down the hill. Gerant uses the armband to wake Kaeva and succeeds.

From the distance, a screech “NO! My Love!”


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