Seas of Harn

The Cheery Dwarf and the Mighty Morphing Power Horses

The Kaborans and the Orbali settle down, and ask us what to do. Our main mission is just to scout what is here. After some deliberation the plan so far is: Fendrel will go in and scout inside the barrow and Kaeva will get closer to sense more about the network she found.

Fendral and Kaeva sneak forward. Kaeva makes a little noise but manages. About 80 yards away, they see 3 of the lesser undead and 1 of the upper undead. They seem to be talking. Kaeva tries to get a sense of the network but she is too far away. They decide to circle around to get a closer look. Fendral sees someone (small and stealth) coming closer to them on the perimeter. After checking it out, they can tell it is a half-man (human dwarf); he seems sickly and cheerful. He gets really close about 15 feet away, singing creepy Morgathian shit, then passes.

Fendral and Kaeva sneak even farther around, getting closer to the hill. Kaeva uses her pervometry and finds out the is a network connecting a few main points all around the hill, and to a few main (upper) undead. As they are sneaking back, one of the undead on top of the hill makes a noise and runs down the hill. Fendral and Kaeva make there way to the trees. The undead stumbles when he gets to flat ground. he grabs at something by his throat/chest and tugs. The undead explodes and falls apart with bones and guts bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans. The pieces start to come together and form a skeletal/spectral with a black shadowy spectral rider. It charges for the trees. Kaeva attempts to send a signal warning the rest of the of the group but fails.

Gerant checks in on the scouts and sees a flash of the spectral horse. He tells us they need help and to send guys. Kaeva feels that something in the hill is aware of her connection to the group. Ingar sends a few of the 50 warriors to go through the tree. As the entire group gets closer to the tree line, we notice there are 5 additional horse chasing after Fendral and Kaeva. Farrick fires an arrow at the horses but it seems less effective. The top of the hill is moving… seemingly closer to us. a horse is really close to Kaeva and the scouts will have to deal with the horse soon.

Gerant fire a magical bolt on one of the horses. The first horse expands and flings itself over Kaeva, it attempts to push her soul out of her body. A second horse expands and flings itself over Fendral, Fendral uses is special Baradine power, slows time, and escapes. The other two horses are heading toward the treeline and the rest of the Kaborans/ Orbali. Farrick sees off in the distance at the hill a larger horse with a real figure in chainmail and armor. Farrick fires and arrow and hits the horse.

The Kaboran spirit leader messes with something around his neck and a flaming birds appears and destroys a horse. Fendral uses his pyro telekinesis while time is slowed, and sets one horse on fire. Farrick fires another arrow at the big horse, and hits it in the head. his eyes may have caught on fire or it was the light.

Ingar yells to the group of Kaboran to help Kaeva. The Shaman runs over to Kaeva, digs through the mess of spectral, rips her tunic open a little, carves a cross into her chest, and starts to suck something. He sucks for a bit and has a black tendril in his teeth. He pulls it out farther and bites down, breaking it. Kaeva feels better and relieved.

The Orbali who got possessed by a horse starts to speak. “Welcome. I am Andral, Duke of Peron. You should kneel if you wish to not be destroyed”
The Kaboran Shaman, tells us “Andral as the last morgathian king before the Kaboran killed him. The Earl of Tormau’s castle was his.”

The horses stop about 20 feet away and Andral comes closer. He holds his Beuda Blade out and says join me. Gerant ask why have you come out now. Andral says because it is time, join me and I shall tell you all.

Kaeva uses her pervometry on Andral, and sees that Andral is speaking to the air, connecting back to the center of the barrow hill, and then spread out to 9 other locations around the area. kaeva tries to disrupt the Andral connection, but passes out. Gerant fires a spell but Andral’s armor absorbs it. The 30 undead troops draw weapons (many have Beuda Blades). Andral orders them to attack and he turns around, heading back to the hill.

Fendrel’s eyes bulge as the undead hordes mass upon the hillside. He scans the combined forces of the Stormbull, Kubori and mercs. “We don’t have what we need to win this conflict. I strongly recommend a orderly retreat. We can use the trees to our advantage to limit the effectiveness of their mounted troops.”

As Andral gets back up to the hill there are 10 more big horses with Beuda Blades and each of them have a squad of undead, and a humanoid figure in a Morgathian mask (probably a priest). Farrick lets one last arrow fly, hitting the human in the belly, who drops to the ground, rolling down the hill. Gerant uses the armband to wake Kaeva and succeeds.

From the distance, a screech “NO! My Love!”


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