Seas of Harn

The Next Plan of Action, the Male-Bitch, and the Guarded Barrow

The Earl of Tormau asks to meet with us. We wait a few more days for Farrick to recuperate. The Storm Bull is being repaired. Araulf attempts to rally and council the Sarajini warriors to full Sarajin capacity. The warriors ask what if there are more undead out there and Araulf should petition the Earl let loose a war party to search for more undead. Kaeva goes to the Peoni temple to practice.

Meroda stops by the Peoni Temple sometimes. Gerant asks him some questions:
(G) Do you know who we are.
(M) I know some things. Who do you have with you.
(G)description of who we are and abilities
(M) says that he has a story that we are from Melderyn and have a ship.
(M) Do you know about this? (holding the black sword-Beuda Blade)
(G) long description of what they are and how they work
(M) What’s special about your boat and why would a morgathian be interested?
(G) We have magic invested in it, I don’t know why the morgathians would be interested. They would have to know we were coming and we didn’t know we were arriving until a week before.
(M) the Morgathians have prophets, they know things.
(G) I have a sense that we were not deliberately set up by Jerop. What do we need to say to the Earl to not arise suspicion.
(M) Be in his service , you could tell him about being the Storm Bull.

The guards lead us into the keep. The Earl is in his hall with court members and officials (a guy who we’ve never seen before- an Agrikan priest).
(E) The suspicion is off you now. I hear you fought valiantly. Why was the morgathian interested in you?
(E) Who sent you to Goliath in the first place?
(E) Where has the route taken you in the past 6 months?
(G) we spent extended time in Melderyn.
(E) maybe someone set you up there. Jerop has connections there. What do you want now?
And what of your man who went North? (the Baradine captain)
(E) I wouldn’t mind discretely removing ships of my enemies.
(G) we would need a crew that would be willing to fight with unconventional naval combat…
(E) I would like to ally with the Knights of Memeca
(G) discusions of stuff
(E) I noticed that when I mention Memecans, you all tense and whisper. What do you know?
(Farrick) description of the rituals and stuff
(agrikan court member) These are LIES!
(F) Believe me, it is true.
(A C M) describe in more detail. What god do you swear?
(E) person you describe is the leader of the Memecans. If you could facilitate a coo, that would be advantageous. if they are to be my allies than I would really like their ships intact. but that is assuming you can uproot their leader.

We decide to go scout a Morgathian barrow inland. Earl says he can offer 25 Kaborans and 25 Orbali. It will be a 2 day march to the site. 5 days of food, shelter, and supplies. The Kaborans lead us along a path. There are two Kaboran leaders: one spiritual, one chief warrior. Kaeva tries to communicate with some of a Kaboran woman. She tells Kaeva about the land, the area, the leaders, and the spiritual energy of her group.

Gaereth cooks for the Orbaliese. They suggest to Araulf that the Kaborans have 4 deer and he should go get one of the Orabli. Araulf tries to command the Orbal to deal. Kaeva talks to her new friend about the deer. The Kaboran woman say she wants a particular Orbali as trade. The Orabli goat the guy to do it and is now her male bitch. The group now has a deer for food.

The terrain turns to scrubby and still wet. As we move along farther and farther the terrain looks decrepit, the Kaborans pray and call to spirits. Kaeva uses her pervometry and senses this place is a nexus for conceptual networks. The Shaman stops and communicates to a spirit (to everyone else he is talking to nobody, to Gaereth the Shaman is talking to a disembodied dragon/frog spirit. The Chief and Farrick go scout, the Chief is very good at stealh. They get to a clearing, and observe a set of guys (turns out to be undead) patrolling the area and a newly dung shaft going into the ground.


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