Seas of Harn

The Cell and the Shadows

We go to the gates of Tormau Castle, and talk to the Baradine spy. As we talk to Meroda, two armored knights come down to escort us. They tell us the Earl wants us to go to a safe location (with access to guards). We go through the large outer wall, past a “minor” show of force with guards everywhere. We get to the Great Hall, a well-dressed fat man comes over. He introduces himself as the Constable of Tormau (brother of the Earl).

The Constable asks us: “What does the Morgathian have to do with you?”
“We were simply sent by Jerop to help out with your problem. We brought gifts as well as experts.”
“Is this your ship? Are you thieves or smugglers?”
Ingar answers that we are businessmen. The Constable tells us if we bring the Morgathian, the suspicion of us would go away.

We ask to investigate the dungeons and are led down. As we are walking down. Gerant casts a spell to ask a Yes or No Question. He asks “Is the morgathian in the castle”?, the answer was yes.

We enter the Morgathian’s cell and Gerant feels a presence of magic through the wall. We ask where the rest of the jail is and the guards tell this is it. Gerant announces that he knows there is something else behind the far wall. The guard tells us that behind the wall is the family crypt, and we would need special permission to go there.

We keep checking the room, Gaerath casts a spell to find secrets. The spell was successful and found a spot on the back wall that has a strange pattern of blood and handprints. Gaerath uses the power of the armband and truly believes that he can complete a ritual of another religion. As panel releases and a passage is revealed.

We go through the passage about 30 feet then turn to the left in to a room about the size of the cell. As everyone was coming into the room, Thorgile and Aroulf hear a conversation down a ladder in the room. As the conversation persists, a horrible, inhuman moaning/grunting sound comes from below. Thorgile goes down the ladder as quickly as possible to scout, Aroulf and Fendril came next. Thorgile sees 40 stone coffins most of them hand a thumbless, bloody handprint on the lid. Thorgile sprints through the room and around the corner to find a naked, thumbless, bloody man praying in a kneeling position to a ghastly thing with a very long jet black sword.

Thorgile runs back to the rest to inform them of his findings. We decide to rush in and deal with the morgathian. As we enter the next room, the ghastly wraith is slowly sliding the sword down the naked man’s throat as black tendrils writhing from is mouth. Gaerath recognizes the tendrils as the “Shadows of Bukari”, so he tries to tell the guys up front. The Wraith eerily moans “Shadows of Bukari..” as he slides the swords out and faces the group.

Gerant acts first casting a Cone of Cold at the Wraith. Fendril kumps up and effortlessly slides his long knife into the Wraith’s wrist. The Wraith seemed to be unaffected by the pain but the hindrance of the metal in the arm. Thorgile uses his hooked spear to rip the sword from the Wraith’s hands, but the Wraith switches grips and the attempt was futile. Aroulf successfully prays to a Valkerie and Gaerath unsuccessfully prays to Save K’nor.

The Wraith


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