Seas of Harn

The Finale

The King tells us to rest and we go to the ex-Earl’s villa. Is there anything we need? Has anyone ever been able to attune to the artifact.

The crew goes and sees a group of wizards in the Guild of Arcane Lore. We get down to the secret location and we see a Godstone. The king takes something out of his cloak and lays it on a pestle. The King chants and the Godstone changes and we see a guy. He starts talking to the King after a few minutes. Kaboran, Kaboran allied with Gargin and Ilvir, Hru, and Nola.

Sketin is with a group of Baradine who are attacking Kaboran, Ilviran mages, and a Devukin (ice dragon). Sketin looks like he also has an artifact which he got from the Ahnukin (other dragon).

What are ways to up Aura? And to not be obliterated by the artifact? What were the angel things in the world? What kind of artifacts were there? (a cube, bowl, rod)

Talk about letting the Navehians in on the plan?

Make Kaeva a vest of fake souls to help survive. Kaeva went through some shit. And she feels tired but electricfied. We go to test out to see if it works. It works..

We are going to set off to get the other 3 artifacts, with seven strangers. Kaeav calls a storm, and can retract it into the Storm Wand. We get to the place where we would submerge. We see a boat with no one on it. We start to go under water. We dock and there is a very magical mecha with Khale inside. Some of the Wardens are dead. Khale has a cube like the Storm Wand on his mecha chest.

Words exchanged, we check for the 3 artifacts, they’re gone, tiny crystal skull of the Navehians as a calling card, Khale gets pissy, and demands the Storm Wand. Fighting, and a decision.

Fire Wand, Fire Cube, Storm Cube and Heart Bowl.


tannercritz GMania

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