Storm Bull

Caravel espirito santo brazil

A 70-foot dak owned by the Wyncaen family.
Built by Master Lineas in Chyrefal on the island of Ikom.
She is square rigged with two masts (main and aft).
She is currently captained by Ingar of Seay and navigated by Kaeva of Seay.

Her unique features include…

  • a combined stem and keel made from a single, continuous piece of wood from the Wyncean forests on Ikom
  • three hidden compartments for smuggling contraband

Her magical enchantments include…
Hull: An Odivshe enchantment which gives a temporary boost to the hull’s tightness for a short duration. Approximately 6 charges at a rate of ±40d per charge.

Rudder: An Odivshe enchantment to increase the pilot’s abilities. Lasts a couple of days. Approximately 6 charges at a rate of ±20d per charge.

Mast/sails: Pelean enchantment which works the sails without the use hands. Charges and costs are currently unknown.

Deck: Fivrian. Something to do with the hold. Currently unknown.

Cabins: And Odivshe enchantment which keeps the cabins dry. ±20d per charg

(generic image of a dak)

For comparison, here’s a modern replica of Columbus’ ship, the Nina. It’s 65’ and probably a little more historically modern than the era of the Storm Bull, but it’s good to see the size ratios — notice the people standing near the main mast, and then imagine a full crew on the Storm Bull of 40+ sailors and men-at-arms. The main differences in the two ships are the lack of a forecastle and the addition of a foremast and a 2nd mizzen mast (the triangular aft sail mast) on the Nina.

Storm Bull

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